'Succession' Season 2 Episode 3: Logan Will Try To Acquire Rival Company

The show only started, but a lot is about to happen in the upcoming new episode.
The show only started, but a lot is about to happen in the upcoming new episode. (Photo: Rodrigo Soldon/Flickr)

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Succession Season 2 Episode 3, titled "Hunting," that may spoil your enjoyment in discovering its plotlines. Read at your own risk.

The show only started, but a lot is about to happen in the upcoming new episode. Logan (Brian Cox) is about to make a significant decision, and there will be more attempts at acquisitions.

"Logan informs his management team of his plan to make another attempt to acquire a rival media company," Succession Season 2 Episode 3 official synopsis read. "Greg (Nicholas Braun) worries his meeting with a Logan biographer puts his standing with the family at risk; Connor's (Alan Ruck) presidential announcement irritates Logan."

Logan and his empire already fell in different ways in various directions since the beginning. This may continue to play out throughout the series. As the show remains problematic with more troublesome characters, fans can expect the second season to be continuously delusional.

Succession Season 2 Episode 3's biographer story is expected to bring a whole lot of fun to the series as it touches the legacy that Logan has been seriously caring about. The Roy family patriarch wants everyone to see him in a way that his accomplishments are "appreciated and touted," per CarterMatt. He never wants anyone to know his story that is not in a positive light.

The show has been continuing to display excellent ratings. Although the series is already a success by itself, it remains to be seen if it will continue to do so.

Meanwhile, ahead of Succession Season 2 Episode 3's release, the previous episode, "Vaulter," tackled the events of today. It featured a fake website, which is a big problem at the moment, Vox noted.

Vaulter has been a part of the show since the start. Episode 2 featured the unfortunate culture of online journalism nowadays - the obsession with having high page views and maintaining the Facebook algorithm.

The previous episode showed the death of the site due to some doctored data and Logan's impulsiveness. "Vaulter" might even send scare to people who worked at an online publication for the possibility of being fired after Kendall (Jeremy Strong) kicked out its entire editorial staff.

However, this episode also proved how the Roys are "so caught up in their own psychodramas" that they don't notice how their actions affect others. With his desperation to please his father, Kendall let the thing that he proudly built from the start to go down at the expense of so many people. So, fans have to wait and see what will happen from here in Succession Season 2 Episode 3 when it hits the small screens on Sunday, Aug. 25, on HBO.

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