'Poldark' Season 5 Episode 7 Spoilers: What To Expect Before The Finale?

Eleanor Tomlinson
Eleanor Tomlinson plays Demelza in "Poldark" (Photo: bazzadarambler/Flickr)

Poldark season 5 episode 7 is set to air later this week, and this will be the last episode before the finale. Fans need to be prepared as the penultimate episode will be an emotional one and full of drama.

In the synopsis of Poldark season 5 episode 7, Demelza found out that the French are smuggling arms into Cornwall, while Ross returns to London to take vengeance on Merceron and Hanson for framing Ned. Then, the Enyses follow, and Caroline needs to put her insecurities aside so she could support Kitty in her fight against Merceron, but in turn, she draws perilous attention to herself.

Sam is still meeting with Tessa against all caution, while Cecily and Geoffrey Charles are planning their escape with the help Ross, but the danger that always stalks them follows immediately. Poldark season 5 episode 7 is where allegiances will be testes, most especially in terms of social status, friendship, as well as the future.

For Caroline, this episode is probably one of the most important episodes on her part to date. This is also a chance for Geoffrey Charles where he'll be put in a situation, wondering whether there's still a chance for him to find love in the future. But aside for the plot of the penultimate episode, it's also important to note that it would be airing on a different timeslot.

The series airs every Sunday at 9 PM local time, but Poldark season 5 episode 7 will be airing on Sunday, August 25, at 8 PM on BBC, which is before the premiere of the Peaky Blinders. And then, the series finale will be airing on Monday, August 26, at 8:30 PM, which is a weird move to end a series since the major downside is there wouldn't be enough time to prepare for the future.

Meanwhile, as for what to expect in the finale, the series will jump several months after wherein Ross will get deeper with the French invasion force as they're preparing to welcome their leader, General Toussaint. But, his belief in need of secrecy will revive old insecurities, and Ross's friends, marriage, as well as his life are all at risk.

Morwenna and Drake, on the other hand, are ready to welcome their baby, while George found a way to undo Ross once and for all, with the help of Hanson and Merceron. Since their lives are on the line now, Ross and his friends need to launch their most daring plan to save themselves, as well as the country from enemies from home and abroad.

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