'Bachelor In Paradise' 2019 Spoilers: Dean Unglert And Caelynn Miller-Keyes Strong Together

Couple Walking on Seashore During Sunset
Couple Walking on Seashore During Sunset (Photo: Asad Photo Maldives/ Pexels)

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Bachelor in Paradise season 6 that may influence your enjoyment in discovering the plotlines. Read at your own risk.

There will be a lot of back and forth between Dean Unglert And Caelynn Miller-Keyes in Bachelor in Paradise 2019, also known as Bachelor in Paradise season 6. The two have been spotted hanging out together on the road, which means that they've chosen each other as their match in the reality TV series.

Fans keeping up with the episodes of Bachelor in Paradise 2019 on television are still on the third episode, which would be right after Dean just joined the group in Mexico. Viewers had a big surprise when this Bachelor in Paradise veteran appeared with facial hair -- a mustache that made him look like a porn star, per Cosmopolitan.

However, TMZ has the dibs on Dean's current state and appearance now that he's no longer filming the series. Fortunately for the fans, he has shaved his mustache, and he's also hanging around a lot with his Bachelor in Paradise co-star Caelynn. So, what happened between these two?

This means that the two have gotten on quite well in Bachelor in Paradise 2019. According to Marie Claire, despite his silly facial hair, Caelynn picked Dean over Blake who had been her partner the week before the former arrived. 

According to Cinema Blend, however, there will be drama unfolding between Dean and Caelynn in further episodes of Bachelor in Paradise 2019. He will feel that nothing is progressing for him on this show so he will decide to leave the island and have Caelynn to cry over him.

Apparently, with Dean gone, Connor Saeli will swoop up the spot Dean left in Caelynn's heart, and they will be together for a couple of episodes of Bachelor in Paradise2019. But then, sometime later, Dean will return to fix things with Caelynn, and the two will make a pack to leave the show together. 

More spoilers also reveal that the two lovebirds have become travel buddies, while the rest of Bachelor in Paradise 2019 continue filming. According to Reality Steve, though Dean and Caelynn share separate photos of their travels on social and are never seen together. However, it doesn't take a genius to see that they are in the same place at the same time, and that photo captured by TMZ seals the deal. 

Bachelor in Paradise 2019 is still scheduled to air its fifth episode on Monday, Aug. 19. The show is expected to end by the middle of September. 

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