'Descendants 4' Might Not Happen; Disney's Original Film Series Possibly Planned As Trilogy

Descendants 4
Stars of Disney Channel's hit movie "Descendants" celebrated with fans during an on-stage, music and dance-filled Fan Event at Downtown Disney District, Disneyland Resort, in Anaheim California on Saturday, October 17. (Photo: Matt Petit via Walt Disney Television/Flickr)

Read at your own risk: This article contains major spoilers for Descendants 3.

Descendants 4 may sound magical and nice. It may even appear as an opportunity to "undo" the heartbreaking events of the third film to the series. But whatever the case that the fourth film could offer to the franchise's fans, sadly, it may not happen at all.

Just a few days ago, Descendants 3 has finally arrived on Disney's platforms. And after four years of waiting, the fans were able to fully enjoy the events that followed the second film to the series. But while it caused joy and excitement among the avid fans of the show, its ending caused confusion and commotion.

Unfortunately, Cruella de Vil's son, Carlos, who is played by Cameron Boyce, met his ultimate demise at the near end of the film. Upon running towards the Isle of Lost as the teens are about to meet their infamous parents, the fans have witnessed Carlos' unfortunate yet imminent end.

Quite obviously, his passing away surprised many viewers. And because of this, it seems that all hopes for Descendants 4 were obliterated. Not to mention, the popular and iconic line that the first two films have always included at the end, hinting that there will be a new film, is not present at any part of the latest installment.

Accordingly, the fans and viewers can only conclude one thing from these points. And that is a new Descendants film will not happen at all in the future.

As per Cheat Sheet, when Carlos died, it has already become a huge tell that the franchise will no longer return for a new installment. And this is in consideration of the fact that Carlos has been one of the leads of the films.

In addition to his death, it is also worth analyzing that the events of the third film already posed as the huge "conclusion" of the series' plot. And with the teens finally meeting their parents, which is basically what started the initial film's course, it is not difficult to the point that Disney may have probably planned for Descendants to be a trilogy all along.

The same thing is also pointed out by Pop Sugar when the majority of the fans have questioned the franchise's future. And as per the publication, even if Disney would push through with Descendants 4, it will not be as magical and as enjoyable as the three films since one of the leads is now written off.

But since these are just mere speculations and theories made by critics and fans, there are still no assurances that a fourth film will not happen. And unless Disney confirms these matters at hand, it seems that the fans will continue to hope for Descendants 4.

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