5 Best Restaurants In Davao That Serve Unique But Good Eats

Just like how diverse Davao's people, ethnicity, and religion are, it also has a wide range of culinary delights.
Just like how diverse Davao's people, ethnicity, and religion are, it also has a wide range of culinary delights. (Photo: Mack Male/Flickr)

Just like how diverse Davao's people, ethnicity, and religion are, it also has a wide range of culinary delights. Here, you can enjoy all kinds of food, from fine dining to street delicacies.

Aside from durian, marang, and local chocolates, there is a lot of food that you can try on this beautiful island of Mindanao in the Philippines. So, here are the top five best restaurants that you can try in Davao that definitely carry unique but good eats.

Fowlplay Kitchen + Drive Bar

Fowlplay Kitchen + Drive Bar can keep pace with the modern bars in Poblacion, Makati. It is adorned with neon signages and murals that make it hipper.

Chef Wade Watson, who also operates Bondi & Bourke in Manila, focuses on making its fried chicken the crunchiest and biggest in town. He makes sure it has tender meat by marinating it for 48 hours in a secret special mix. This place also serves the best tacos, hot dog sandwiches, burgers, and more, per Spot PH.

Claude's Le Café de Ville

If bars are not your thing, you can try Claude's Le Café de Ville. It offers a fine-dining experience with French cuisine. This is the first French restaurant in Davao, making it one of the pioneers serving this cookery.

Its location gives the restaurant an old-warm charm. Chef Claude Le Neindre's daughters will especially prepare your food, which combines the traditional French and Mediterranean dishes. This café boasts an airy space and homey ambiance that turn romantic when the sunsets.


Tsuru is said to be one of the oldest Japanese restaurants in Davao. This is the go-to place of anyone who wants to eat affordable sushi and other Japanese meals, like tempura, yakiniku, udon, and sukiyaki, among others.

However, Tsuru is best known for its over-the-top sushi and maki creations. Some of its signature meals are Volcano Roll, a mount of salmon-stuffed sushi topped with a creamy and spicy sauce; and Godzilla Roll, a combination of three different sushis: one wrapped in salmon, another wrapped in avocado, and the last one is wrapped in fresh tuna.

Wild Berry Garden and Diner

Wild Berry Diner and Garden will make you wow of its interior and exterior design. According to Choose Philippines, its step is surrounded by different plants and flowers with various colors. Its stained glass doors will welcome you with a variety of ornaments, from colorful seats to vintage cups, bottles, and handwritten menu.

This place carries a Western-Southern cottage theme that can be found along BuDa road. Here, you can try their Adobong Baboy Ramo or Wild Boar, Pork Tenderloin Tips, Buttered Chicken, Deep-Fried Hito or Mudfish, Tapa Adobong Usa or Deer, Shotgun Willie Chili or Chili Con Carne, and Pinakbet.

White House

White House's name may come intriguing with its similarity with the White House in Washington, D.C., but his place is the American-Colonial restaurant on top of the hill in Davao. This place serves fusion food, like Kare-Kare, Binagoongang Baboy, Twice-Cooked Adobo, White House Kinilaw, Fried Lumpiang Ubod, Sinamapalukang Manok, Salmon Head and Belly sa Miso, and more.

It also serves Durian Yema Cheesecake, Yamamomo Cheesecake, and Turon for dessert. Despite the goodness of its food, it will never empower one another as its dish stands out and retains its original flavor even when eating.

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