Attendees try out the new MacBook Air during an Apple launch event in the Brooklyn borough of New York
Attendees try out the new MacBook Air during an Apple launch event in the Brooklyn borough of New York (Photo: Reuters/SHANNON_STAPLETON)

Apple is being sued for allegedly selling a faulty MacBook and charger. The accuser claimed that her unit overheated and caused permanent burn marks to her leg back in 2016. The lawsuit is filed exactly three years after the unfortunate incident.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Yolanda Oyiya with the New York Supreme Court back on May 31. Based on the lawsuit, the New Jersey resident suffered burn marks caused by her Apple notebook and its charger. The lawsuit, a total of 12 pages, alleged that the plaintiff also suffered other serious and permanent personal injuries aside from these burn marks.

The suite includes more than just one cause for action against Apple. First, the MacBook that the plaintiff purchased from the company was reportedly defective, which makes it capable of causing an unreasonable risk of harm. Second, Apple is also accused of already knowing the unit was defective when tested but failed to provide enough warnings. Lastly, the plaintiff accuses the company's failure to warn of hazardous parts is a design defect, and the main cause of the subsequent injuries suffered. Throughout the lawsuit, it was emphasized that Oyiya had used the computer with due care.

The plaintiff is demanding Apple to compensate an unspecified amount, although it was described as exceeding the monetary jurisdictional limits of all lower New York State Courts. In addition, Apple is demanded to provide other relief as the court perceived as being "just and proper," apart from other costs and disbursements.

It can be recalled that Apple has issued a recall of certain 2015 15-inch MacBook Pro models because of battery problems causing certain units to overheat. The alleged incident reportedly took place before this recall took place.

It may seem to suspect why the plaintiff is only filing three years after the incident took place, but it could be assumed that the statute of limitations for product liability was considered in this action. The statute of limitations for product liability is only three years in New York after all, counting from the time of the incident itself. This is not the same for other states, with some counting from the time injuries are only discovered.

The lawsuit has not specified the specific MacBook model though. It can only be assumed now that it is one of the 2015 malfunctioning 15-inch MacBook Pro models that were being recalled by the company. A further court filing might be necessary to reveal the model.