First PlayStation 5 Hardware Image Allegedly Leaked

Rumors have it that the first PlayStation 5 exclusive game available when the next-generation console launches is already in development.
Ahead of its announcement, reports leaked the details of the first Playstation 5 exclusive title. (Photo: steamXO)

Rumors and speculations surrounding Sony's next-generation console have been rife amidst scarce official information. The PlayStation 5 is yet to be officially unveiled soon. Interestingly, a new patent registration for an unknown Sony device was discovered and shared recently.

The patent registration shows a Sony device with design and shape that led many to speculate that it could be the development kit of the PlayStation 5 or at least its latest version. The console has a distinct V shape carved into the middle and a series of slots in every side. Moreover, the patent registration has a series of USB ports and LEDs in the front that is very typical in the devkits of PlayStation.

There is also a disc slot seen in the image. This alleged PlayStation 5 devkit is not actually far from the devkit of the PlayStation 4 except for the odd shape on the gaming console's frame. Traditionally, devkits are box-shaped and are designed for functionality more than style. The rumored devkit is really unique if you compare it with its predecessors.

It is possible that this time, Sony would like to reinvent the devkit of its next-generation console to make it stand out from the rest. There are very details in regard to the patent and the devkit allegedly that of PlayStation 5. Based on the details, it was originally registered in Brazil. Additionally, it was submitted last May and was published on August 13.

Sony Interactive Entertainment in Japan is the owner of the patent. While many are hoping to see reference to PlayStation 5, sadly, there is none indicated in the application details of the patent. But, there is one tiny detail that clearly links the patent filing to PlayStation and probably to PlayStation 5.

Under the label designer is the name YUSUHIRO OOTORI. Sony' director of engineering is Yasuhiro Ootori and based on the patent details, it could be a minor misspelling issue. The director of engineering is not very visible to the public and there are only several times that the video gaming industry got a glimpse of him. He made his appearance during the release of PlayStation 4, which he and his team made.

The alleged PlayStation 5 devkit could be the real devkit of the company's next generation console or could be another product from PlayStation. Since it does not have the details of the hardware, we could not verify whether the recent leak about the graphics processing unit of the PlayStation 5 is twice as powerful as the PlayStation 4 Pro.

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