Apple iPhone 11 Boasts Bigger Battery & Fast Charging USB Type-C Charger Out Of The Box

Salesperson speaks on the phone at an Apple reseller store in Mumbai
More leaks are beginning to pop up with the alleged September release of the highly anticipated Apple iPhone 11 series. (Photo: Francis Mascarenhas)

The Apple iPhone 11 is easily one of the most anticipated smartphones expected to hit the market this year. The tech giant is expected to release three trims of its highly successful smartphone line. Apple is also reportedly working on a handful of new technologies that will be embedded into its flagship device. Despite Apple's complete media blackout about the specs of the iPhone 11, there is still a handful of information that slips out of the radar.

A number of reports claim that the iPhone 11 will have a more powerful battery pack. This particular aspect of smartphones is considered as critical for many users. A phone that can last more than a day on a full charge will easily be a good choice for many users. However, a smartphone that only has minimal battery power can be relegated to the lower echelon of the smartphone pyramid.

Complimenting this large battery pack is a new fast charger. This is the first time that Apple included a fast charging technology to its chargers. While this is exactly not a new feature in the smartphone industry, the tech giant appeared to be quite late in the adoption of it.

The new charger will come in the form of the USB Type-C medium. Many tech analysts have said that this new method of charging will have a significant effect in terms of charging speeds. This is a good thing for Apple since it also wants to improve the battery capacity of the iPhone 11. It is important to note that bigger battery packs require a lot of time to charge fully, which is why many smartphone manufacturers have developed fast charging technologies in order to mitigate the amount of time required to charge a battery fully.

Most smartphone manufacturers are already developing various technologies that will further improve the charging time of their smartphones. Manufacturers are able to do this by creating a charger that can churn out as much as 20W worth of power. By doing so, chargers can essentially reduce at least half of the total charging time of a smartphone.

South Korean tech giant Samsung is one of the pioneers of this field. Some of the company's flagship devices, especially the Galaxy Note 10, supports charging power of up to 25W.

Apple iPhone 11's charger is expected to be capable of churning out 18W of power. While not exactly on the same level as that of Samsung's, it is a great improvement over its current chargers, which only supports 5W. As for the battery pack of new iPhones, they are expected to be at least 3,000mAh.

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