5 Best Milk Tea Houses In Manila That Serves The Best Drink You Can Have

The milk tea craze continues to be a major part of the food trend in the Philippines.
The milk tea craze continues to be a major part of the food trend in the Philippines. (Photo: Marco Verch/Flickr)

The milk tea craze continues to be a major part of the food trend in the Philippines. It is considered to be the millennials and youngsters alike go-to drink for its thirst-quenching effect. As the hypes seem to stay for a long while, here are the five best milk tea houses in Manila for the best drink that you can ever have.

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice

Its long line and customer-packed branches may be enough indication that CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice serves the best milk tea in town. This place is famous for its White Pearl, which is best paired to its best-seller Panda Milk Tea.

The drink carries the perfect mix of cream, sugar, and tea. And despite the 100 percent sugar sweetness, you can still taste the tea's full flavor. Although there is a long waiting line, it is definitely worth the wait.

Macao Imperial Tea

Another milk tea house that has a long waiting line is Macao Imperial Tea. It serves Cream Cheese Milk Tea, which is considered to be the "most decadent milk tea" you can every try, per Spot PH. Its uses jasmine tea that gives its drinks a light, floral flavor added with a generous amount of cream cheese that doesn't overpower its flavor.

Aside from drinks, Macao Imperial Tea also serves snacks, like Garlic Sausages, that comes with an affordable price. It has its own spacious place in Banawe Street, where you can hang out on its beautiful couches with free and reliable WiFi.

Gong Cha

One of the most favorite flavors of milk tea is Winter Melon, and Gong Cha serves the best of it. It has two varieties of Winter Melon Milk Tea that will surely please your taste buds. One is the Milk Winter Melon topped with thick cream, while the other has milk blended into the drink that makes it so creamy.

Aside from milk tea, Gong Cha also has a variety of drinks to offer like coffee and ice-cream drinks. It also has an array of add-ons that you can choose from, like nata de coco, aloe, and Oreo crumbs. You can also use Splenda as an alternative to your sugar.

Tiger Sugar Milk Tea

Hong Kong and Singapore's much-loved milk tea brand is now in the Philippines. Tiger Sugar Milk Tea has the best brown milk tea sugar that resembles tiger stripes because of the color of its syrup that blends with the creamy drink.

People fall in line and don't mind the long hours as they wait for this flavorful drink. One of its bestsellers is the Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse that is served with a creamy mousse on top.


Dakasi serves the perfect combination of cream and milk tea. Its drinks carry the right amount of creaminess incorporated into its milk tea products. Originated from Taiwan, this place becomes an instant crowd favorite when it arrives in the Philippines, Primer noted.

It vows to serve drinks that are only made from fresh ingredients that have a unique blend of flavors. Its best-seller is the Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea that is topped with white and black tapioca pearls. It also boasts its Classic Milk Tea, which is included in its specialty drinks menu.

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