Queen Elizabeth Allegedly Didn’t Like How Princess Diana Raised Prince William, Prince Harry

Her Majesty wasn't too pleased with the Princess of Wales.
Her Majesty wasn't too pleased with the Princess of Wales. (Photo: John Stillwell/Pool REUTERS)

The late Princess Diana may have been born royal, but a lot of commoners could relate to her ways, making her an instant favorite of the public. While people are mostly intimidated by the British family, the Princess of Wales was very approachable, which is why she was loved by many.

And just like the rest of the regular moms out there, Princess Diana was very hands-on with his two precious sons Prince William and Prince Harry. She made sure to comply with her Royal duties, but at the same time, do her mommy duties with her boys as well.

While many praised Princess Diana with how she raised Prince William and Prince Harry, biographer Andrew Morton said in his book “William and Catherine” that Queen Elizabeth wasn’t a fan of her hands-on approach. “Diana’s hands-on mothering, given her position and workload, was in sharp relief to the way her husband, Prince Charles, had been raised by a succession of nannies. He’s not hidden upstairs with the governess’ was her approach to William’s upbringing,” Morton wrote.

The author said that the Queen was so appalled with this behavior that she exclaimed, “I don’t understand why Diana has to do this. There are millions of housemaids around.”

Princess Diana had always tried to give her sons a more “normal life” as much as possible. With one of her sons being the future king of England, it was quite hard and impossible for their family to be normal. However, the Princess of Wales made it clear to everyone that that’s she wanted for her sons despite her ways being frowned up by the Queen.

Previous reports revealed that Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana’s relationship is not that ideal. Although Her Majesty never disliked the Princess of Wales, she didn’t always agree with her behavior.

Most of the Royal family keep things to themselves, but Princess Diana was very honest and outspoken. Also, she’s the only one who’s interested in having a normal life.

As it turns out, Princess Diana wasn’t the only member of the Royal family who attempts to bring the normalcy in the lives of their kids. Her ways were rubbed off on her younger son Prince Harry, who intended to raise his firstborn with Meghan Markle in a non-royal way. “They will have a healthy respect for boundaries like other children. They will have chores at home and be brought up with respect,” the source told ET.

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