'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 5 Receives Harsh Reviews From Critics Upon Second Half Plot Arrival

Fear The Walking Dead
"Fear The Walking Dead" Season 5 on AMC. (Photo: Heather Paul/Flickr)

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Fear The Walking Dead Season 5.

After having a long hiatus for almost a month, Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 is now back to continue where it last left off. And quite amusingly, the second half of the season is now two episodes deep.

With the latest one which has just aired a few days ago, an interesting The Walking Dead reunion has been seen through Morgan and Dwight. On the 210 Words Per Minute episode, the seemingly popular duo since TWD has been reunited. And as per Fansided, this is also the first time that the two has talked about The Saviors and Rick's group.

Although the episode is a huge nod to Grace's podcast moments, it somehow highlighted the whole "reunion" moment. And possibly because the production thought that it would highly impact the ratings as per critics.

In every episode, Forbes has been releasing opinions and reviews about the show. And based on the publication's receptions, it seemingly appears that they are not quite pleased and satisfied with Fear The Walking Dead's dynamic as a whole.

In the most recent article that they've published about the latest episode of the season, it has been largely emphasized how bad the show is. As it happens, Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 is no longer entertaining its fans, and much more, the show is not making any sense in terms of the "zombie apocalypse" setting.

It has been also reiterated how the impossible things have become questionably possible in the overall setup of the series. And this somehow makes Forbes question all things seen on the spin-off series.

Even so, it is still worth noting, that whatever happens, Fear The Walking Dead will return for a new season. During the mid-season airing, AMC renewed the show for one more installment. And whether the current season performs well or not, the loyal fanbase can expect for more "ludicrous" things to happen as per critics.

When Season 5 returned on August 11 for the Channel 4 episode, the ratings receive a slight decline. And it seems that the trend is showing a constant movement as the show progresses. Nevertheless, there are still several episodes left for the season. So, it is also possible that things could turn around well for the show.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 11 titled, You're Still Here, will premiere on August 25, on AMC.

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