'Suits' Season 9: Patrick J. Adams Returned And Made A Subtle Reference To Meghan Markle

Suits Season 9
Patrick J. Adams and Gabriel Macht as Mike Ross and Harvey Specter on USA Network's "Suits." (Photo: Genevieve [CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)])

Warning: This article may contain possible spoilers for Suits Season 9.

The final season of Suits is now more than halfway to its imminent end. Having only a total of ten episodes, the current season is now six episodes deep. But of course, the show will not end without having its very own former main cast member, Patrick J. Adams, who became popular for playing the role of Mike Ross.

It has been already revealed previously that he will return as a guest star in one of the final season's episodes. And while it has not been uncovered which episode he'll star into, the fifth episode titled, If The Shoe Fits, finally ended all the speculations about his return.

On August 14, the aforementioned Suits' episode welcomed back Mike Ross from Seattle to assist Harvey and the rest of crew from the firm in New York. Although his stay will not be that long since he and Rachel are already running their own firm in the new city, the onscreen couple's presence has been largely felt on the show.

Mike Ross return did not come with Rachel Zane's comeback. And quite obviously, it's because Meghan Markle, who played the role of Rachel, is now committed to the responsibilities of being the Duchess of Sussex.

Accordingly, it is not surprising at all why her presence is not felt during her on-screen partner's return on Suits Season 9. But even so, Screen Rant has pointed out that the episode is pretty much a "tribute" to Mike and Rachel, especially to the latter.

The title itself has been pointed out to be a nod to the Duchess' current life events. While the episode highly emphasized Louis and Sheila's arguments toward the $5000-glass slipper that they bought previously for role-playing, the reports claimed that this is a huge reference to Meghan Markle's current status being a royalty.

Pop Sugar also had the same notions about the Suits' episode being a reference to its former cast member. During the episode, Rachel's name has never been mentioned. But towards the end, when Mike met with Katrina to catch up, she asked him about Rachel and how well she's doing in Seattle.

Mike Ross responded by stating that if he told her, she would not believe it because it's too good to be true. And with this response at hand, many critics agreed that this is a reference to Meghan Markle's current lifestyle considering that she married Prince Harry and now welcomed their first-born son, Archie.

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