Three cameras for three times the fun
Schematics are showing that the iPhone 11 will come with 3 camera sensors. (Photo: Lucas Jackson/Reuters)

Apple iOS 13.1 is around the corner, even though the 13.0 is not even out yet. Users, however, who have a developer beta profile can try out the iOS 13.1 beta test and check out some of its cool features, including those that Apple already removed from the past versions of the IOS 13.

Users who want to restore some of the missing iOS 13 features need only install that iOS 13.1 beta, as reported by the Life Hacker. It can be remembered that Apple dropped some of the features users have been swearing by around beta 5 of iOS 13, such as the shortcut automation, Siri parameters, and ETA sharing, among others.

With iOS 13.1, shortcut automation has returned, which made many users disappointed. This feature is quite useful for some. It allows one to have the smart lights turn on or off just by connecting or disconnecting from CarPlay, or just by connecting to the house's WiFi. There are many more, so this is truly one feature that can make everyone want to install the iOS 13.1 if it is out of the beta version.

Siri with parameters also now works with the beta iOS 13.1. This means that users who as Siri to do something, they can now receive customized responses so that they can reply with more details or clarification. Users who usually find themselves making unclear statements to Siri will find this smarter Siri a blessing.

With the beta version of this incoming iOS, users can also share their driving ETA to their family and friends once more. It was such a useful version but for some unknown reason, was removed in the past. Users can activate their driving directions in Apple Maps and then just by a few swipes, see the option to share their ETA with their friends once more. They just need to activate this, and they can now receive automated messages if they are near their destination.

Another cool feature returning is the sharing of audio across two Bluetooth headsets at the same time. Even though this feature is only available to users with Apple's Airpods of the Beats by Dre Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones, this is still a useful feature. Those with iPhone 8 or newer usually have these Bluetooth headsets anyway.

According to Forbes however, the same bugs from the previous week's iOS 13 Public Beta are still in this beta version of 13.1. This means that users can still see the message "Couldn't connect to iCloud" when they are creating a new Pages, Numbers, or Keynote document in a shared folder. USers just to close and reopen to fix this issue but it is still an annoying bug.