Tesla Upgrades European Supercharger Stations To 150 kW

A driver recharges the battery of his Tesla car at a Tesla Super Charging station in a petrol station on the highway in Sailly-Flibeaucourt
A driver recharges the battery of his Tesla car at a Tesla Super Charging station in a petrol station on the highway in Sailly-Flibeaucourt, France. (Photo: REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol/File Photo)

Tesla has recently confirmed some great news for its European consumers. The company confirmed that it had made some upgrades on its Supercharger stations in Europe, which means car owners will soon spend less time on these stations as their vehicles charge way faster. Meanwhile, the US Superchargers are yet to be given the same upgrades.

According to the official Tesla Twitter account, European Supercharger stations are now upgraded in France. On Tesla's website, another 15 European countries have upgraded Superchargers.

What is exactly the upgrade? According to Tesla, the previous charging rate of 120 kilowatts (kW) has been increased to 150 kW. This is good news for Tesla owners since it means less time on these stations and to be on the road toward the destinations they are going instead.

CNET reported however that some Supercharger stations in certain regions only improved to 130 kW instead of the promised 150 kW.

Before this substantial upgrade, a Tesla owner needs to spend around 30 minutes waiting for their cars to be charged up to 80 percent of its battery. With this upgrade, they might spend considerably less time. The service end of these situations can also become more efficient.

The United States will soon catch up. Just recently, Tesla announced that it would upgrade the V2 Supercharger stations in the United States to handle charge rate of up to 145 kW. The announcement was an exciting one, but the company failed to specify which part of the nation would have this upgrade first or which ones already have it.

The company is not likely to stop with these upgrades. Tesla already said that it is also working to roll out more V3 Supercharger stations, which can have a charger speed of impressive 250 kW. This is even greater than the upgrades just reported of the European Supercharger stations. At present, the V3 Supercharger station is only found in Las Vegas. This is not surprising, given the fact that this is near Tesla's Gigafactory 1, located in Nevada.

All these upgrades are set to attract many to make the Tesla switch. Due to the convenience of charging one's cars through these Supercharging stations, many are often attracted to Tesla's electric cars compared to others.

In general, consumers often view charging period as one of the main reasons for putting them off EV ownership as long as Tesla convinces them that this should not be a problem by reducing the amount of time for charging, the better for the company.

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