Satya Nadella, chief executive officer of Microsoft Corp. speaks to attendees during the launch event of the Galaxy Note 10 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York
The Redmond-based tech giant recently announced the Microsoft Surface Duo, indicating its comeback to the smartphone industry. (Photo: REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz)

Microsoft already sent invitations for its next Surface Event scheduled on October 2. Fans and tech enthusiasts alike are expecting new hardware, software, and accessories to be announced during the event. Meanwhile, a couple of new patents surfaced today which are associated with the heavily rumored Microsoft Centaurus.

Microsoft might unveil the Microsoft Centaurus at the Surface Event next month. The Centaurus is the heavily speculated foldable device from the Redmond-based tech titan which is powered by Windows 10 and with a couple of screens. A new report claims two new patents related to the device recently surfaced online. The patent application shows a hinge for a foldable device that allows the screens to rotate 360 degrees.

The report from Germany talks about two new patents published by the World Intellectual Property Organization that are somewhat related to the rumored Microsoft Centaurus. Last year, there were rumors about a Microsoft foldable device called Andromeda. It also appeared in patents and renders.

Rumors have it that Andromeda was put on hold and was never heard of again until Last March when a new patent somehow related to the project surfaced. The Microsoft Andromeda allegedly will allow users to use five pre-set positions like full, convex, tent mode, concave, and closed. Additionally, several applications can run on the foldable device based on the screens' orientation, which seems to be similar to the two new patents some claim to be related to Microsoft Centaurus.

Based on the patent filing, in the tent mode of the Microsoft's foldable device, the alarm clock app might appear while in the convex mode one screen could show the QWERTY keyboard that replicated the appearance of a laptop. Interestingly, the second patent notes the use of a magnetic closure that will utilize magnets on the inside and on other sides of the device. This could be related to the technology that will be utilized by the company's upcoming tablet to identify the positioning of the screens.

This new foldable device is allegedly codenamed Microsoft Centaurus. However, unlike Andromeda, the new device is not a smartphone but a tablet and is speculated to show some resemblances to Microsoft Surface Go with rounded corners. According to rumors, the Microsoft Centaurus will run on several platform versions of Windows dubbed as Windows Core OS.

The new patents could be related to Microsoft Centaurus, but it is also possible that it is related to Andromeda. Also, the patents do not mean that there is already a product in the works because, like most companies, it is possible that Microsoft is just considering the idea and the patent application was filed to prevent other companies from developing a product with a similar concept. But, like all other leaks, we advise that you take this information with a barrel of salt.