Action camera GoPro Hero 7 black fixed on a bike handlebar.
Action camera GoPro Hero 7 black fixed on a bike handlebar. (Photo: Marco Verch(CC BY 2.0))

DJI recently launched the Osmo Action which is its own version of the action camera. With the new jaw-dropping action cam invading GoPro's market, fans are expecting that the action camera pioneer will make sure that the GoPro Hero 8 will have more impressive specs. Here is a rundown of some of the expected specifications and features that fans would like to see in the upcoming GoPro Hero 8.

Multiple Camera Releases

Nick Woodman said that the company will release a refreshed lineup at all price points. While this is, in any way, never a confirmation that the GoPro Hero 8 lineup might have more than one camera we know that there the company will release cameras associated or not with GoPro Hero 8. Rumors have t that the company will also roll out a new generation spherical camera too which will be called GoPro Max.

Design & Features

GoPro has been mum about the GoPro Hero 8 and leaks related to the upcoming camera are scarce. But, recently, Photo Rumors reported leaked images of the alleged GoPro Hero 8. The leaked images suggested that the upcoming action camera looks almost like the GoPro Hero 7. This might be a major disappointment to many expectant hoping to see the new design, but to be clear, we do not know anything official about GoPro Hero 8 and the cameras shown in the leaked images did not show integrated front displays.

GoPro Hero 8's alleged design also shows that it has embraced the vlogging industry and with the new accessory frame, it offers improved mic input while offering battery pack and light on its external screen. If the leaked images are accurate, then it could also give us an idea of the capabilities of GoPro Hero 8. This might include increased maximum frame rate to up to 60 frames per second in Ultra HD and 480 frames per second slow-motion in 1080p HD.

The next action camera from GoPro is also anticipated to sport an improved lens and a 12 MP image quality. Speculations claim that the upcoming action camera will feature Hypersmooth image stabilization technology. The leaked images also feature a new housing with slots dedicated for accessories like a microphone, LED light, and a pop-up external display connected to the housing. The GoPro Hero 8 is also expected to feature a new GP2 processor dropping the GP1 processor that has, so far, brought multiple performance gains to its predecessors.