Beauty Hacks Exposed: Viral Internet Hacks That Do Not Work

Tomato top of white ceramic plate.
Tomato top of white ceramic plate. (Photo: PhotoMIX Ltd./ Pexels)

Because of our lifestyle at present, the influences from the media, and the expectation of the society, the standard of beauty has been rising over the top recently. With an industry that gains a staggering amount of $532 as of July 9 this year, beauty's high standard isn't showing any signs of downfall at all and is even expected to still rise dramatically in the few years to come.

But since becoming beautiful and maintaining good looks isn't free and often require lots of money, more and more people tend to look for hacks online that could help them cut cost for their beauty regimen. Unfortunately, not all hacks online are effective and could help you achieve your beauty goals as shown by a Facebook group named 5-Minute Crafts, who have tried these hacks themselves.


Tomato has always been one of nature's gifts for beauty. With the minerals and vitamins it has, this fruit promises several benefits, which includes balanced pH of the skin, tightened pores, reduced skin irritation, relieved sunburn, and improved skin's fairness, as posted by Paris Barns.

Moreover, there are also claims how these tomatoes can also be very effective in removing the dark circles of the eyes. According to the claims, one can do that by applying a mixture of a quarter of a large tomato and about 3 tablespoon of white toothpaste. Unfortunately, this just doesn't work for this purpose.


With a price that ranges from 3.58 to 39.43 Chinese Yuan, it is indeed very tempting to create your mascara to be free from this additional cost. According to the claims on the internet, one of these ways a person can create the black mixture perfect for mascara is by mixing crushed Oreo cookies with water and primer. Unfortunately, applying this mixture to your eyelashes wouldn't make it long but would only make it wet.

There is a lot of information available on the internet nowadays. But it is crucial to remember that not all of them are facts.

Given this reason, it is still important to consider to test the validity of the information first. You can do that by researching more about the information especially when it comes to its origin and whether its author is trustworthy or not. Being hooked by false information wouldn't just cost you money or credibility as it can also cost you your life as there are hacks that could be risky for your health.

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