Natural Beauty Hacks 101: How To Make Natural Beauty Products?

Natural Beauty Hacks 101: How To Make Natural Beauty Products?
Natural Beauty Hacks 101: How To Make Natural Beauty Products? (Photo: Pixabay/pompi)

Did you know how much an average woman spends just to reach her desired beauty goals? According to a study conducted about two years ago, which is posted on Byrdie, on average, a single woman tends to spend about $313 to improve her appearance. That is in the U.S. alone. That is about $3756 annually or about $225,360 worth of cosmetics during her whole lifetime.

Nowadays, the cost has estimated to rise dramatically with higher demand. Because of the huge cost, more and more people tend to turn to nature to recreate cheaper and healthier beauty products.


There are several blackhead masks available online. These products are focused towards one goal-to remove all the blackheads off your nose completely. Unfortunately, some of those can cause skin irritation. So to free yourself from suffering from it and also for you to cut cost, you might as well want to create your natural blackhead mask for yourself.

You can start by mixing 5 activated charcoals, one pack of powdered gelatin, and ¼ cup of hot water. After mixing everything, use a clean brush to apply the mixture on your nose. Wait until dry. Then, peel the mask off slowly.


Face powder is one of the most used cosmetics by women. Used mainly to control oil and sweat, face powder has more benefits one can think of. Using this cosmetic prevents fungal infections and body odor too.

To create a natural face powder, which poses more benefits and no negative side effect to one's health, you will only be needing oats, water, and a grinder. Grind oats until it has reached its best powdery consistency. After doing so, rinse the oats with water three times and let it dry on a clean tissue for several minutes. Once dried, make sure to put the powder in a clean container. The product is now ready to use.


For a perfect and plumper lips, exfoliating your lips using a lip scrub can be of great help. You can create your all-natural lip exfoliating scrub by mixing one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of olive oil, and one tablespoon of refined sugar, as shown by an online group 5-Minute Crafts in their Facebook account. Apply the mixture directly on your lips and massage it for 2 minutes. Then, using a damp cloth, remove the product off of your lips.

To be beautiful doesn't have to be costly. There are already natural alternatives you only have to try for yourselves. As you follow these beauty hacks, you will surely be naturally beautiful in no time.

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