‘World of Warcraft Classic’ Level 60 Players Get A Free Boost To 110 in 'Battle For Azeroth'
‘World of Warcraft Classic’ Level 60 Players Get A Free Boost To 110 in 'Battle For Azeroth' (Photo: SobControllers(CC BY 2.0))

Blizzard officially released "World of Warcraft Classic" in August. The game was hotly received by players all over the world even while it was on Alpha and Beta phase. Interestingly, several reports claim that the game developer is giving away a free boost to 110 in "Battle for Azeroth" to any player who managed to reach level 60 of the game.

"World of Warcraft Classic" is off to a blazing start with global players queuing on servers all and exploding on Twitch. Meanwhile, the "Battle for Azeroth" has seen minimal reception. To make it more interesting, the Facebook page of "World of Warcraft" Brazil posted that "World of Warcraft Classic" players who hit level 60 will be entitled to a free boost in "Battle for Azeroth."

The post, which was first spotted by WowHead, has since been removed or deleted from the page. While there is no official confirmation about this yet from Blizzard, this promotion could encourage "World of Warcraft Classic" players to give the new expansion a run especially that it comes free. Both titles have the same subscription, which means that "Battle for Azeroth" is free for "World of Warcraft Classic" players.

However, playing both games could be too much to ask since "World of Warcraft Classic" entails a significant amount of time to achieve max level. Apparently, many players are now on track to reach the endgame of "World of Warcraft Classic." The first player to reach the finish line has been named.

The players spent 79 hours of gameplay and a Gnome mage player under the username Jokerd. He was on the Mograiner EU server when he hit the level 60 cap of "World of Warcraft Classic." Blizzard introduced "World of Warcraft Classic" as the re-creation of the original MMO that was launched in 2006.

The new game travels back to the time of Onyxia, to the questlines in Duskwallow Marsh, updates Drums of War, and trips back to the olden days of Leroy Jenkins. Some gaming sites dubbed "World of Warcraft Classic" as a nostalgic vanilla game. Blizzard is also very active rolling out hotfixes for several issues in the game reported by players.

Recently, Blizzard rolled out a fix for the bug that cost more XP than intended to be awarded for parties of six or more players. The fix was released on Monday and "World of Warcraft Classic" will no longer experience the raid party XP bug.