Google Pixel 3 third generation smartphone is seen on display after a news conference in Manhattan, New York
The Motion Sense feature of Google Pixel 4 is only limited to some countries and apps at launch. (Photo: Reuters/SHANNON_STAPLETON)

The Made by Google event, where the search engine giant usually launches its new smartphones, hardware, and smart home products, is more than a month away. Earlier today, 9to5google shares that it has discovered new FCC documents revealing that Google has just filed four new listings that appear to be the Google Pixel 4.

FCC is one of the agencies that screen wireless devices before it can get into the US market. Only devices with FCC approval can be sold in the US. Interestingly, every time a company filed an application for approval, the FCC publishes the details about the device, including the bands of the wireless spectrum the company wants to use it with. According to 9to5google, the search engine giant submitted four Google devices at the FCC which could be the Google Pixel 4 series.

The devices have model numbers G020I, G020J, G020MN, G020PQ and are all labeled as phones. Although it is a general knowledge that Google Pixel 4 is coming later this year, there is one thing that really stands out in the FCC listing. The search engine giant requested a band of 5G connectivity ranging between 58 and 63.5 GHz.

While many tech enthusiasts immediately assumed that the upcoming Google Pixel 4 series would have 5G support, it appears that a previous FCC waiver that Google's Project Soli used was on the same mmWave wireless technology. Given that the only Google Pixel devices we know releasing soon are the Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL, it is highly likely that the FCC listings are for these devices. The timeline also aligns well since the pattern of Google's application for Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL was on August 31, 2018.

Several red flags restrict us from claiming with utmost certainty that these devices are indeed Google Pixel 4. All four devices listed on FCC seem to be more aligned with the Google Pixel 3a series which features mode numbers G020A to G020H. It is just odd that the search engine giant will reuse past model numbers for the upcoming Google Pixel 4 series.

But, Google may be using a new strategy with their FCC applications. Also, even though there are only four FCC listings, there are actually six variants since PQ and MN are actually a couple of variants under one FCC listing. Google might release many variants for the Google Pixel 4 series. It is worth noting that the Google Pixel 3a had eight different variants when it hit the FCC listing in the previous year.