An Apple employee shows the features of the new Apple Watch Series 4 at the Apple Store in Singapore
An Apple employee shows the features of the new Apple Watch Series 4 at the Apple Store in Singapore September 21, 2018. REUTERS/Edgar Su (Photo: EDGAR SU | Reuters)

With the imminent Apple event happening in just a few days from now, more information about Apple products surfaced online. Today, we discover a new set of patent filings for the Apple Watch bands. The patent applications reveal Apple's interesting concepts for the Apple Watch bands that will not only provide convenience to its users but will also provide health benefits.

Three new patent filings for Apple Watch bands surfaced online today revealing interesting possibilities of what the humble Apple Watch bands can do. One of the patent applications aims to deliver a neat way for the Apple Watch to recognize its user without the need to key in the passcode or unlock it using a paired iPhone. The feature is called biometric sensor which is embedded into Apple Watch bands.

The concept of this patent is to utilize a thermal sensor that could identify wrist hair patterns and skin texture to confirm the user's identity. In addition to this, another Apple Watch bands patent application is associated with the indicators integrated into Apple Watch bands. These indicators are capable of displaying details from the Activity app.

This includes a heart rate monitor or a step counter. The patent filing also reveals that Apple Watch bands could highlight the type of user's activity the Apple Watch is monitoring like running or swimming. This feature could be a convenient way to collect and record data.

Apple also notes in the Apple Watch bands patent application that the indicator could be a refined and sensible way to monitor sensitive details about the user's health. Meanwhile, the third Apple Watch bands patent filing is related to self-tightening and a motorized band that can ensure the Apple Watch is a perfect fit for its user's wrist. This could be very handy especially to active users who are always on the go, on the gym, or who sweats a lot.

  The self-tightening Apple Watch bands could also tighten to get heart rate reading. These Apple Watch band patent applications may or may not materialize. However, in a world where self-lacing sneakers exist, anything could happen. We are hoping that the Cupertino-based tech giant would pursue these smart and revolutionary features.

The Apple event is happening within a few days and the Cupertino-based tech titan is anticipated to unveil the Apple Watch Series 2 along with new bands, new hardware, software, iPhone 11 series, and accessories.