Second Generation Nissan Juke: A First Look

A Nissan logo is displayed at the 89th Geneva International Motor Show
A Nissan logo is displayed at the 89th Geneva International Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland, March 5, 2019. (Photo: REUTERS/Pierre Albouy)

The Nissan Juke is back in Europe. A second-generation model was unmasked by the Japanese automaker on Tuesday, and while it still looks the same as the first-generation model, it also looks quite improved at the same time.

According to CNET, even though the Nissan Juke has long been gone from US shores in favor of the Nissan Kicks, it is now back in a new version in Europe. The latest Juke is apparently larger, longer, wider and taller than the earlier version at 166 inches in length, 63 inches in height, and 71 inches in width. This just means more headroom as well as knee-space, good news for almost everyone. At the same time, Cargo space increased by 20%, and this is another plus point.

Despite everything being larger, this new Juke is lighter, being almost 51 pounds less than the outgoing crossover.

When it comes to the overall style, the running lights and round headlights were not changed. CNET however reported them looking classier and cleaner. The car also has a cleaner rear look, with the taillights losing their extensions. In place are more horizonal light elements. AT the front, the latest "V-motion" grille is dominating.

Aesthetics aside, Nissan Juke promises some powerful driving. It offers a 1.0-liter inline-3 turbocharged engine that is capable of making 115 HP. Those who will be lucky to own one can choose between a six-speed manual or seven-speed dual-clutch transmission when going about their shifting.

According to Nissan, if the exterior looks tough, the interior is as soft and as comfortable as it can be. Most of the interior was made with soft-touch materials. There are also standard sport seats that promise comfort, even in the longest of rides. Compared to the Nissan Kicks in America, the air vents and infotainment screen look nicer by leaps and bounds.

To make rides with the new Nissan Juke so much smoother are the technology integrated - a Bose premium audio system, Apple CarPlay, and Android capability, among others. It also comes with the ProPilot Assist that allows for safer and more efficient highway driving.

At the moment, it is expected that the first batches of the new Nissan Juke will be released in Europe in November. It will start at around $21,050.

With emissions regulations are getting stricter in Europe however, Jérôme Grigny, regional product manager at Nissan Europe, reportedly told that fans should moderate their expectations of the Juke's performance.

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