All Samsung Galaxy Fold Pre-Orders Are Canceled; Customers Receive $250 Store Credit

The Samsung Galaxy Fold phone is shown on a screen at Samsung Electronics' Unpacked event in San Francisco, California, U.S., Feb. 20, 2019
The Seoul-based tech and electronics giant announced recently that all pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy Fold are canceled but will provide consolation to consumers. (Photo: REUTERS/Stephen Nellis)

After several months of delaying the official release of Samsung Galaxy Fold, the South Korean tech titan made a surprising announcement earlier today. According to Samsung, all Samsung Galaxy Fold pre-orders will be canceled so it can rethink the device's entire user experience. As a consolation, the company will offer a $250 store credit to consumers who have pre-ordered the upcoming device.

Earlier reports claim that Samsung has already fixed the Samsung Galaxy Fold and is preparing to announce its new official release date. But, those who have pre-ordered the foldable phone might be out of luck. The company is currently sending email to customers to cancel all pre-orders while it is in the process of re-thinking the entire customer experience.

By customer experience, the company means it is rethinking the unboxing, purchasing, and service that will render to Samsung Galaxy Fold. A representative from the South Korea tech giant officially confirmed that Samsung is canceling all Samsung Galaxy Fold pre-orders placed online via Samsung. The representative also confirmed that the recently announced Galaxy Fold Premier Service is intended for the upcoming Galaxy Fold.

There is a chance that the new service is the company's new sales process. However, at the moment nothing is clear about this new service. The representative promised that more details would be provided as soon as the official release of the Galaxy Fold draws near.

It is an odd move made by the Seoul-based company considering that the latest report claims that it is finalizing the product and is close to announcing its release date. As a consolation, Samsung will give customers $250 store credit on the Samsung Store. The company has yet to re-open the actual preorders for the new and updated Samsung Galaxy Fold.

The South Korean tech titan also provided a reservation line. So, those with a standing pre-order at this point could be the same ones who placed a pre-order in April and particularly requested the company not to cancel their pre-orders when it announced that the Galaxy Fold will be delayed last May. As to the release date, rumors have it that the Samsung Galaxy Fold might arrive this month.

The Galaxy Fold is expected to be released in Korea on September 6 and September 18 in France, Germany, Singapore, and the UK. As for the official US release date, Samsung said that it might happen in the coming weeks. However, according to rumors, the Samsung Galaxy Fold might arrive in the US on September 27.

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