‘The Sims 5’ News: Gameplay Could Include Parenthood; VR Mode Feature Anticipated

'The Sims 5' Release Date News: Is The Much-Awaited Game Already In The Works?
EA and Maxis have been mum regarding details surrounding the highly-anticipated game "The Sims 5" but fans think the game will introduce parenthood and will feature VR mode. (Photo: SimsTime/flickr)

E3 and Gamescom came and went, but EA and Maxis are still unable to share any details related to "The Sims 5." The game developer is expected to roll out new development to "The Sims 4" through its DLC packs. Fans are expecting that EA will soon make an announcement related to the fifth iteration of the popular life simulation video game.

But, despite the lack of official information from the game developer, "The Sims 5" is surrounded with a myriad of rumors and speculations. These rumors could be just products of the wild imaginations of some fans while several others are founded on the statements of the people behind the popular title.

Gameplay Details

Rumors about the gameplay of "The Sims 5" are rife online, but many fans are looking forward to Parenthood to be one of the features. EA has not confirmed that it will infuse parenthood into the current game. But, it is worth noting that in 2017, the game developer rolled out the Parenthood DLC into the game that introduced toddlers and teenagers.

According to speculations, EA will not release "The Sims 5" with toddlers but will be included as part of the future DLCs of the highly anticipated game. Previous game iterations allow sims to procreate, parent children, nurture them, and see them achieve different skills and develop attitudes. This makes the game more interesting, and it would be nice to see this feature in the next game installment.

VR Mode

Countless claims about "The Sims 5" featuring VR Mode is one of the hotly debated topics in several sites and gaming forums. There are also speculations that the upcoming sims installment will not only feature the VR Mode but will offer a 360-degree viewing alternative. This is a very interesting addition to the game as it allows players to re-enact in the form of gestures and movements the video title.

Technically, "The Sims 5" is a life simulation video game and what better way to enjoy it than make the players get literally involved with the entire gameplay. However, this mode will require gamers purchasing their own VR headsets to be able to enjoy the game's overall experience fully. It will be immersive but expensive as well.

Release Date

"The Sims 5" is not happening in 2019 and there is no hint that the game developer is planning to do so. EA is currently enjoying the fruition of the DLC packs of "The Sims 4". Based on the financial report of the company, since 2018 downloads for the expansion packs of the game increased by 55 percent and The Island Living DLC is the best-selling DLC of the game.

If EA will base the release of "The Sims 5" on the performance of its predecessor, it is safe to assume that it might not arrive in 2020 or 2021. Business-wise, EA might milk the current Sims game before it releases "The Sims 5" considering the earning the DLC packs bring to the company.

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