Soccer Football - Bundesliga - Schalke 04 v Bayern Munich - Veltins-Arena, Gelsenkirchen, Germany - August 24, 2019 Bayern Munich's Robert Lewandowski reacts REUTERS/Ralph Orlowski
Robert Lewandowski is currently on a hot seat after indirectly saying that his former team Borussia Dortmund does not fall under the bracket of BIG LEAGUES. (Photo: REUTERS/Ralph Orlowski )

Robert Lewandowski is currently under fire for a not so subtle statement he said in one of his recent interviews. The Polish footballer indirectly insinuated that his former team Borussia Dortmund does not fall under the category of a big club. Robert Lewandowski is currently playing for FC Bayern Munich and has his contract with the team recently until 2023.

A tight game for the previous season's Bundesliga title saw Bayern Munich defeat Borussia Dortmund by a couple of points. At Bayern's current campaign Robert Lewandowski already displayed his striking prowess and made six goals in three games. FC Bayern Munich trails behind RB Leipzig by just a couple of points but is leading over Dortmund which has already lost its chance this season.

In an interview with the team's TV channel and as quoted by Kicker, a German publication, Robert Lewandowski shared about the special feeling of signing for the first time for the Bavarian club. However, some of his comments might infuriate fans from his previous team. According to the 31 years old Polish footballer, he said he felt special since leaving Dortmund for Bayer in 2014 because the transfer meant to him that he would have the chance to play for a big team.

Robert Lewandowski also stated that he could still remember the first day that he put his FC Bayern Munich jersey for the first time and he felt a special feeling. He added that he is very proud to be with his present team because he knows that Bayern plays for titles for each season including in the cup, championship, and in the Champions League. According to Lewandowski, it is the benchmark for him to take the next step for his career, adding that Bayern is the team he wants to go and stay with.

These surprising remarks came from the Polish footballer despite the fact that he helped Borussia get two league titles before he left the club. Recently, Robert Lewandowski inked a deal on fresh terms with FC Bayern Munich. It is a contract extension that sought to end speculations of premature transfer from Munich and will provide the team an extra boost.


FC Bayern Munich is aiming to win its eight successive titles and an impressive record of 30th Bundesliga title overall. The contract that Robert Lewandowski recently signed will bound him to play for the team until 2023.