Tesla Eyes Tesla Pickup Truck Unveiling in November

Tesla Superchargers are shown in Mojave, California
Tesla Superchargers are shown in Mojave, California, U.S., March 11, 2019. (Photo: REUTERS/Mike Blake)

Initially, Tesla aims to unveil its Tesla Pickup Truck this summer but it never pushed through. Tesla CEO Elon Musk, however, recently shared that the much-awaited electric pickup truck might be showcased to consumers by November. Interestingly, while Tesla's unveiling might happen a couple of months from now, it seems that Ford's Electric Ford F-150 might arrive a couple of years from now.

Recently, on Twitter, Tesla Chief Executive Officer was asked by one of its followers the date of the unveiling of the highly anticipated Tesla Pickup Truck. The executive answered that it would most likely happen in November. But, while Elon Musk already gave a possible schedule for the Tesla Pickup Truck, he also did almost a year ago about the release date of Enhanced Summon, which obviously, is still a no show after he said it is revealing in six weeks.

Still, Musk's statement about the unveiling of Tesla Pickup Truck only shows the company's commitment to showing off its revolutionary pickup truck before 2019 ends. For its entirety, we do not know anything concrete about the Tesla Pickup truck aside from the CEO's previous statement that its design is going to be a cyberpunk type. Musk also noted that the upcoming Tesla Pickup Truck would have the carrying prowess of Ford F-150 and the speed of Porsche 911 coupe.

Tesla has strong incentives to showcase more. Competitors like Rivian, GM, and Ford are also knee-deep developing their own revolutionary pickup trucks. While Musk's recent statement is a minor setback to its previously scheduled unveiling, the difference is only a couple of weeks. But, the electric vehicle maker must unveil its much-hyped Tesla Pickup Truck sooner to steal the thunder from its competitive rivals.

So far, Tesla has not yet revealed the specific date when the Tesla Pickup Truck will hit the road since the company is currently working on the Tesla Model Y. It can be recalled that Musk said that the company would first release the Tesla Model Y before it could start developing the Tesla Pickup Truck. But, November is just a few weeks away, and we will hear more news about the fabled Tesla Pickup Truck during the unveiling.

Meanwhile, rumors have it that the Electric Ford F-150 is anticipated to be released in 2021. Officially, Ford has not explicitly revealed when exactly the all-electric Ford F-150 will debut. However, the tea leaves seem to suggest that it might arrive on 2021. The latest indicator was given by Ford's Global Director For Electrification Ted Canis.

According to the global director, the Electric Ford F-150 will come after the Mach E, which is the Mustang-inspired electric crossover that will debut in 2020 and the electric pickup will follow as early as a year later. If Tesla would like to keep the hype, it better launches its Tesla Pickup Truck earlier than the date the Electric Ford F-150 hit the road.

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