Improved Siri Can Be An Intelligent Pocked-Sized Health Consultant

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Apple patent filings unveil interesting possibilities for Apple Watch Bands that users will definitely benefit. (Photo: Tinh tế Photo/Flickr)

The all-improved Siri can hold a conversation about health issues like a pro. A new report revealed that the iOS 13 release would include some major updates to the voice assistant, making it smarter and more helpful than it already is. Moreover, beyond iOS 13, Apple is making Siri more intelligent, health-wise. It's like having a friendly, all-knowing physician right on the phone!

According to the Guardian, the upcoming release of iOS 13 will be an exciting time for Apple users, especially those who have allowed Siri into their daily lives. Reportedly, the next-gen version of Siri will have more expansive capabilities, making the voice assistant truly useful. It will now be further integrated into apps such as Find My Friends and the App Store. During navigation, wherein Siri is used extensively by some, it can be expected to be more natural and helpful.

In the past, users can often hear Siri say, "in 1000 feet turn left." With the better version, Siri will be capable of giving navigational advice such as this already: "turn left at the next traffic light."

However, these improvements are only for the near future. Beyond iOS 13, Siri will be further improved. Apple is said to be very ambitious in what it plans to do with Siri down the road. One of its plans includes making it capable of engaging back and forth with the users about different health conditions.

"They also contain a further list of upgrades listed for release by "fall 2021", including the ability to have a back-and-forth conversation about health problems, built-in machine translation, and "new hardware support" for a "new device." Apple was spotted testing code for an augmented reality headset in iOS 13. The code-name of the 2021 release is "Yukon +1", suggesting the company may be moving to a two-year release schedule," the report read.

Apple's foray into the health realm is truly starting and intensifying. Not that it is surprising. Apple has already shown signs in the past that this is a direction it is really interested in. It has doubled down on health and fitness tracking features on the Apple Watch in the recent past.

One can note that in the Apple Watch Series 4, the company introduced an ECG app that is able to produce electrocardiogram for the users. This was a notable breakthrough as Apple Watch owners can be alerted of certain heart conditions that can be potentially life-threatening or fatal.

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