Intel Will Be More Aggressive With Recent Market Share Decline

10nm Intel Sunny Cove Chipsets To Power Next-Generation Apple Mac Devices
As Intel announces the launch of its 10nm Sunny Cove processors, speculation hint that future Apple computers will use it. (Photo: Reuters)

Intel was present at the recent Citi Global Tech Conference. During the event, the PC solutions and cloud computing giant indirectly admitted that it has lost some of its market shares to AMD. Intel's Corporate Vice President, General Manager Cloud Platforms and Technology Group Jason Grebe shared the challenges that the company will have to face to maintain its dominance in the industry.

The battle between Intel and AMD has been going on for quite some time, and while it is difficult to admit defeat, Intel inadvertently acknowledges to losing some of its shares in the market to AMD. The Santa Clara-based semiconductor company has made a comeback with its Zen architecture and has, so far, successfully dominated the x86 market that was once monopolized by Intel. With AMD's arrival in the market, consumers have enjoyed unbelievable price and specs offers that were not seen in the CPU industry since 2000.

It is apparent that Intel did not anticipate the strong comeback of AMD. During the Citi Global Tech Conference, an analyst asked Intel about its plans in the AI and Inferencing market. According to Intel, it has a straightforward strategy in this particular market. It reveals that it is going, to begin with, the Xeon processor, which is its core product.

Intel also shared that it is planning to build custom ASICs for inference and training to directly compete against NVIDIA. Additionally, the company will release a full product portfolio for its GPU business. From the workload perspective, Intel noted that it is bullish when it comes to artificial intelligence. Furthermore, it highlighted that more than 70 percent of workloads fo the next two years will have some kind of AI.

The cloud computing and PC solutions company also revealed that it is planning to equip all its silicon products with AI from the data center all throughout to the edge. This includes the Movidius product lines. Intel took pride in its ability to compete head-on with its competitors to win back its lost market share. In the coming years, AI and Inferencing are going to be among the growth drivers.

With the recent news in the industry, it is clear that AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA are adopting different strategies to concentrate heavily on these promising aspects of the tech industry. Intel is preparing to launch its Intel Xe in 2020 and will mark as the company's entrance in the GPGPU market for AI inferencing alongside ASIC/Xeon/FPGA product offerings. Intel admitting that it has lost market shares to AMD is also a clear indication that the company is now taking its competition seriously.

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