'Overwatch' Fan Edit Gives Us A Glimpse Of Blizzard's FPS On Nintendo Switch

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'Overwatch' Confirms Hero 31 Is Sigma, A Gravity-Warping Astrophysicist (Photo: Instacodez)

Overwatch has been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch, which left a lot of fans wondering what the game will look like on a handheld device. Luckily, a Reddit user did us all a favor and edited a clip of the game according to the Switch's requirements.

Now that we know Overwatch is headed to the Switch, players immediately began wondering what the game would look like in 720p and 30 fps on the console's handheld mode.

Over at Reddit, user Owlero gave in to his curiosity and took a clip from Overwatch, edited it so it runs at 30 fps and at 720p, just like it would on the Nintendo Switch. The Redditor used PS4 to perform the test, so don't get your hopes too high. It will definitely look different on the final Switch version, but as fans have commented, the results aren't that bad:

Owlero's clip looks like it has a foggy filter, but we're not sure if this is due to the video editing process or if it's caused by the setting. While some fans are cynical of the whole ordeal, Blizzard and Nintendo wouldn't probably announce a collaboration if they didn't have the game running in handheld mode. To be fair, they probably did some testing just to see how the final game will look like on the Switch. Over the next few weeks, we'll still wonder what Overwatch will run on the Switch. Owlero's video did give us an idea, but some fans have caved in to their negativity, partly due to the fact that Blizzard has been encountering all sorts of problems, including connection issues at Overwatch due to a massive DDoS attack. As of writing, Blizzard seems to have contained the issue, but it didn't stop Overwatch playes from whining:

We will see Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch on Oct. 15. We'll have a month to hope that Nintendo's handheld device can handle the game, but until then, Owlero's clip kind of gives us hope it won't be that bad.

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