Massive Google Pixel 4 Leak Unveils Never-before-Seen Camera Feature That Will Delight Photographers

The Google Pixel 3 third generation smartphones are seen on display after a news conference in Manhattan, New York
A new Google Pixel 4 leak bares exciting features to look forward to from the next flagship smartphone from Google. (Photo: Reuters/Shannon Stapleton)

Yesterday, a massive Google Pixel 4 leak made rounds on the Internet revealing a new and exciting color variant for the upcoming device. Today, a leaked marketing video surfaced online showing one outstanding feature that was never before seen in the history of smartphone photography. Based on the latest leak, it appears that the Google Pixel 4 will feature Astrophotography mode.

If the leaked Google Pixel 4 marketing video is real then users especially photography enthusiasts will be able to do something with the upcoming device that they have never ever done with other smartphones-capture images of the moon and even the stars. It appears that the leaked video uploaded by Pro Android is the official marketing clip of Google Pixel 4. It reveals that the newest smartphone from Google will introduce the first-ever astrophotography mode that will allow users to take pictures of the beautiful night sky in its entire splendor.

Sadly, the leaked marketing video of the Google Pixel 4 did not reveal how the astrophotography function of the device works other than the promise that users will be able to capture the night sky including the stars. But, on the hold still, prompt showcased on the video, one detail we dissected is that users will not need a tripod to be able to take advantage of this feature. The integration of astrophotography in Google Pixel 4 underlines the considerable improvements that Google has made to the algorithm that powers the Night Sight functionality of the Google Pixel 4.

In the traditional astrophotography, the photographer must hold the shutter of the camera for around 20 seconds to get a decent shot. It appears that Google Pixel 4 will no longer require users to do this just to get a good shot. This simply suggests that the search engine giant was able to reduce the shake of the handheld camera over a particular length of time, which is a great achievement for the company's software team.

Astrophotography is one of the few things that all smartphone makers are not able to do with the smartphone cameras despite the advancements in smartphone photography, until Google Pixel 4. Huawei, through its sub-brand Honor, was close to allowing users to get a shot at the moon through the Huawei Honor 20 smartphone. The leaked video also shows a quick glimpse at the Soli touchless gestures of Google Pixel 4.

It reveals that users can easily skip songs without the need to touch the display of Google Pixel 4. The new Google Assistant is also shown in the marketing video. The Assistant is shown displaying photos from Tokyo, narrowing the photos of food and sending these to a friend via Messages, all in one set of commands. There is no official word on the official unveiling of Google Pixel 4, but the general consensus is that it is going to be in the early part of October.

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