Pokemon GO: All Available Region Exclusives You Can Hatch In Week 2

Taiwanese Chen San-yuan, known as "Pokemon grandpa", plays mobile game "Pokemon Go" by Nintendo, near his home with 15 mobile phones, in New Taipei City
Taiwanese Chen San-yuan, 70, known as "Pokemon grandpa", plays the mobile game "Pokemon Go" by Nintendo, near his home with 15 mobile phones, in New Taipei City, Taiwan November 12, 2018. (Photo: REUTERS/Tyrone Siu)

Pokemon GO trainers sure are in for a treat this week as some of the most valuable Pokemon have been made available, and you don't want to miss the chance to grab them. As part of the second week of the game's ultra bonus rewards, we're getting regional hatches as well as fun activities like Deoxys in Tier-5 raids.

In PoGO, regionals are Pokemon that are exclusive to certain parts of the world. Though they have been available since the beginning of the game, it was just recently they became easier to catch due to the addition of trading. Previously, it was impossible to attain these creatures unless you're ready to travel the world. This week, trainers will get the chance to catch the rarest of them all as a special bonus.


The availability of regionals has been done before, including that one time Farfetch'd was made available. They're currently hatching from 7km eggs, which are the special eggs that can only be attained if gifted to you by friends.

How eggs work in Pokemon GO is quite different: what's inside is determined upon grabbing, not when you hatch it. Remember that if you're planning for an extensive walk today and start prioritizing eggs that you've accumulated after Sept. 9.

So which Pokemon are at stake this week? They're actually the same creatures available in last year's Kanto regionals: Tauros, Mr. Mime, Kangaskhan, and Farfetch'd. Don't expect anything from later on in the series, though the word is that it could be possible next year.

If you have been playing for quite a while now, this might not be extremely exciting. But there's something worth watching out for, which we will discuss below. But if you're a new player, you might want to take advantage of this event - and quick.

Niantic did make things interesting for veteran Pokemon GO trainers though by hatching Pokemon as a shiny. Regional shinies are a real treat, and will eventually become the most valuable Pokemon ever. For those trading, know that they'll be worth their weight in gold.

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