'Gold Rush' Season 10 Premiere Date, Spoilers: Miners To Face Major Crisis In Klondike

New problems will arise as the miners have to face major crisis and challenges in Klondike.
New problems will arise as the miners have to face major crisis and challenges in Klondike. (Photo: SteFou!/Flickr)

Discovery Channel has dropped the official release date of Gold Rush Season 10. In no time, fans will once again see Parker Schnabel, Tony Beets, Rick Ness, and the rest of the gang as they once again try their luck and search for gold. However, new problems will arise as the miners have to face major crisis and challenges.

In a press release, via Oregon Live, Discovery revealed the year would start for the miners with a major crisis in the Klondike. The water permits have failed to pass and, unfortunately, it happened at the worst time. The gold's price reaches sky-high that resulted in a new rush of protectors to the area.

Each miner has to take a risk to strike it rich as they look for gold on the new grounds. Also, Ness will move his operation to the mountains above the mining town of Keno City in the Yukon after he managed to mine more than a million dollars worth of gold in the previous season.

Schnabel will also be back for more in Gold Rush Season 10. After working hard for so many years, the 25-year-old star has achieved his dream of the lifetime by owning his claim. He has spent half a million dollar to have the perfect spot. However, with the water permitting issues, he has to mine all the gold he can find in just one season.

This new land is huge to the point that it is even twice massive than the previous season's mining location. It may take Schnabel three years to mine this land alone. "Up against the clock, Parker's dream rides on his ability to get on the gold from the start and lead his team who think he's in over his head," the statement about him read, per Pop Culture. As the youngest show member, it can't be avoided that Schnabel has fears all over his head.

Beets, on the other hand, will begin with an early jump on the new season that will come to a sudden end when he has been forced to close down his Indian River operation due to permitting issues. This time, his three kids - Kevin, Monica, and Mike - have to step up and help their father to save their family business.

The miners will once again put their lives on the line in Gold Rush Season 10 to take a chance to earn big or even, at least, break even. The show will be out on Friday, Oct. 11, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery Channel.

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