Xbox Scarlett Confirmed To Feature Dedicated Ray Tracing Hardware

Microsoft's Xbox Scarlett is anticipated to arrive next year and according to a game developer, the next-generation console will have dedicated ray tracing cores. (Photo: steamXO/flickr)

One of the most-awaited features that gamers and game developers are looking forward from next-generation video gaming consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett is ray tracing. Most of the time, ray tracing is the favorite topic of discussion among tech enthusiasts, game developers, and gamers. It appears that Microsoft's next-generation console will have a dedicated ray tracing cores.

The ray tracing feature has been rumored to be in Xbox Scarlett. It was later mentioned during the Xbox Scarlett video reveal during the company's E3 event. Although there are several times that the feature has been mentioned, many still do not believe it because of the possible cost of the gaming console.

However, in a recent interview with Technical Art Director Colin Penty of "Gears 5," Gamespot learned from the developer that the Xbox Scarlett has a dedicated ray tracing cores. This simply confirms that the next generation gaming console will handle ray tracing with the help of dedicated hardware. According to the technical director, they do not have anything to announce for now, but he is excited about what the upcoming Xbox Scarlett could do.

He also quipped that having a dedicated ray tracing hardware is huge. Sony's next-generation gaming console, also known as PlayStation 5, is also rumored to feature ray tracing through dedicated hardware. It appears that both gaming consoles will have a similarity in this particular sector.

The dev's confirmation about Xbox Scarlett sporting a dedicated ray tracing hardware aligns with Phil Spencer's earlier statement that the upcoming console's ray tracing support will have a light impact on its overall performance. In the current generation gaming console, the focus is on the 4K visuals and how it could bring both movies through video streaming and 4K Blu-ray. Xbox One X enables games to run at 4K visuals.

But, it seems that with the next generation gaming consoles, ray tracing is the new 4K visuals. Meanwhile, Xbox Scarlett is anticipated to have a global release next year. Sony's PlayStation 5 is also expected to be released at the holiday season of 2020. By the end of 2020, gamers will have two new gaming consoles that will introduce impressive features that will definitely change the landscape of the gaming industry.

As for the price of Xbox Scarlett or of PlayStation 5, nothing is solid is revealed yet. We will keep you posted with the latest news and updates on the next generation gaming consoles as soon as we hear more.

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