Lee Ha Nee and Yoon Kye Sang Have Rumors of Break Up after Six Years of Dating

Yoon Gye Sang and Lee Ha Nee have been under spotlights due to the rumors of break up recently.

On September 11th, their potential break up news has spread rapidly through online platforms. The source of the rumor was in the message Lee Ha Nee posted via her SNS. She wrote, "Gam Sa and I, five years ago. Everything changes."

She continued, "Even though we are together, you and I are different and it is natural that we both change. After time passes, those days are missed but they never return. That is why we should live each single day faithfully."

She posted the photo of herself with her companion animal, Gam Sa, that was taken five years ago. It was with the caption of the message above. Netizens wondered about Lee's message that sounded deeply emotional and implicit.

However, Saram Entertainment, Yoon and Lee's label, stated, "The rumor about their break up is misinformation." "the photo released by Lee was taken five years ago. Lee accidentally came across the past photo with her pet and left a message recollecting the memories."

"She is still dating Yoon Kye Sang with no change,' added the label.

The message Lee left as an expression of her affection towards her companion animal caused unintended rumors that they would part away from each other. Their label swiftly denied the rumor and put an end to a controversy.

Yoon and Lee began dating in 2013. They have remained together peacefully for the past six years and been considered as representing couples of the entertainment world. Yoon and Lee have released lovely images and photos of their couple pets.

Lee's pet name is "Gam Sa" meaning Thankful. Yoon's pet name is "Hae Yo" meaning Be. If these two words are combined, it means "Be thankful." The two pets were abandoned dogs that the couple adopted. Many praised their beautiful actions to cherish dogs.

There has been no sign of break up between the couple for the past six years. Possibly because of their long period of dating, they had to also go through rumors of split. However, their love relationship seems as solid as ever. Yoon and Lee's fans are sending messages of support for them. They express their wish that these two people may reach the marriage as they are not too young and have been dating for many years.

The couple is receiving attention if they will go into a marriage as a fruit of their six years of happy dating.


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