Noel admits to switching drivers, reaches settlement with DUI victim

Rapper Noel Tried to Switch the Driver After Crash, Noel's Mother Pleads for Agreement
Rapper Noel Tried to Switch the Driver After Crash, Noel's Mother Pleads for Agreement (Photo: SBS Screenshot)

Noel has admitted to arranging a fall guy for the DUI accident.

Rapper Noel (Jang Yong Joon - 19), Rep. Jang Je-won's son, stated on the 11th that he has reportedly reached an agreement with the victim. The victim also sent a text message to Jang Je won saying, "I hope your child will cheer up. The accident seems to have been settled smoothly."

Noel's lawyer revealed "that Noel settled with the victim for 35 million won (~$29,000)." Noel's side is known to have hurriedly agreed to the deal despite the fact the amount is quite large, more than the usual amount.

Noel also belatedly admitted to switching drivers. Lawyer Lee Sang-min said, "The person who showed up claiming to be the driver is actually a close friend of Noel. Noel called, and because they're close, he went to help him. Noel's parents, his father Jang Je-won, were never involved in this accident. They didn't persuade the victim to reach a settlement."

Noel's father Jang Jewon posted on his Facebook on the 11th expressing outrage at the police revealing details of his son's DUI investigation and said, "Police who are leaking information about investigations have gone too far. Information that would never be accessible without police leaks is being spread through media coverage. I'm going to be reporting these leaks that go beyond imagination to prosecutors. I will be taking legal action regarding any false reports or malicious accusations."

Despite the settlement, it appears that the public's anger is still high.

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