Phil Spencer Revealed He Has Already Played The First Xbox Scarlett games

Young gamers play Xbox at Microsoft's new Oxford Circus store ahead of its opening in London
Microsoft's Phil Spencer and Bungie's Pete Parsons enjoyed playing "Destiny 2" while Spencer shared that he has already played the first Xbox Scarlett games. REUTERS/Simon Dawson (Photo: REUTERS/Simon Dawson)

Bungie's Pete Parsons and Microsoft Xbox's Phil Spencer played the first Xbox Scarlett game earlier today. During the live stream, several fans and gamers noticed that the Xbox executive was sharing details about the upcoming next-generation gaming console from Microsoft. Although he did not unveil the specifics, Spencer shared that he has finally played the first games on the next-generation gaming console this week.

Phil Spencer and Pete Parsons played "Destiny 2," but this time instead of the target beating them in Crucible, the goal was to join them on the Heroic Strike. During the Bungie Bounty stream, the Xbox executive shared his fondness for "Destiny" and "Destiny 2." It is general knowledge in the gaming community that "Destiny" is one of Phil Spencer's favorite games and that he has spent hundreds of hours playing the franchise.

However, the most interesting detail that Spencer revealed is that he has already played the first Xbox Scarlett games. Obviously, Spencer could not reveal about his experience using Xbox Scarlett aside from the fact that he has tried his hands on Microsoft's next-generation console. So far, the only confirmed game releasing on Xbox Scarlett is "Halo: Infinite," but it's assumed that Microsoft has a long list of titles releasing on the next generation gaming console.

It is also worth noting that based on Phil Spencer's statement, the Xbox Scarlett is smoothly moving forward and that it is now in the stage where Xbox members can enjoy playing games on it. If Microsoft is aiming to release the console on the holiday of 2020, then it would need a series of extensive testing on the console. This is one of the perks that Phil Spencer and other Xbox team members get to enjoy ahead of everybody else.

Phil Spencer getting his hands-on Xbox Scarlett is not surprising, and to some gamers, it was his own way of hyping the next-generation console. It is one of the perks for being the chief of a gaming console business. But, Xbox Scarlett has a lot to prove considering that its competitor, the PlayStation 5 promises cloud functionality, SSD, and powerful CPU and GPU.

Aside from that, PlayStation 5 has some interesting exclusive titles that Xbox Scarlett does not have or has not yet revealed. "The Last of Us 2" and "The Ghost of Tsushima" are the confirmed titles exclusively releasing on PlayStation 5. Xbox Scarlett, on the other hand, has yet to reveal its exclusive titles aside from "Halo: Infinite."

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