'Lost In Space' Season 2 Premiere Date, Spoilers: Cast Members And New Book Hint Storyline

"Lost in Space" Season 2 will soon hit the small screens, and things will be more exciting this time.
"Lost in Space" Season 2 will soon hit the small screens, and things will be more exciting this time. (Photo: Insomnia Cured Here/Flickr)

Lost in Space Season 2 will soon hit the small screens, and things will be more exciting this time than the previous season. The show is said to be bigger than ever and would go to a different direction than it used to.

The show is the re-imagination of the 1963 classic with the same title. It is originally based on a novel The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss.

The sci-fi television series is one of Netflix's most prominent hits. Hence, it comes as a no surprise that the streaming giant renewed the show for a second season.

Season 1 first aired on April 13, 2018. After fans had binge-watched the series, they quickly clamored for Lost In Space Season 2. However, despite the renewal, Netflix has yet to announce when the show will officially be out on TV.

Fortunately, Mina Sundwall, who plays Penny Robinson, gave fans an update about the show's production, per The Digital Wise. In a post on Twitter, the 17-year-old star revealed the pre-production and production of the second season are already over. Hence, the rest of the cast and crew are now working on its post-production process.

Maxwell Jenkins, who portrays Will Robinson, on the other hand, teased Lost in Space Season 2's new set of episodes would be "bigger than ever," Forbes noted. The show's major story arcs had paid off with a cliffhanger that brought the series off into a completely new direction.

Hence, there are quite a lot of anticipations about Lost in Space Season 2's storyline, production, and release date. Netflix has been mum about its hit series, but it promised to give fans a glimpse of the second season at the upcoming New York Comic-Con 2019 in October.

The show will have its panel at the event that will run from 2 to 3 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 5. However, Netflix has yet to announce who among the cast members and production crew will grace the event. The network also revealed the second installment would return later this year, opposing the theories it would be out in 2020.

Little, Brown Books even seemed to confirm it when it posted the description of its new Lost in Space novel by Kevin Emerson. After it shared the book's storyline on Amazon, it noted its release date would "coincide with the debut of Season 2."

As the book will be out in November, there is a big possibility Lost in Space Season 2 is set for release in the same month. Anyhow, the novel's description has been edited since a fan noticed the hint that eventually went viral.

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