Kate Middleton Was Targeted By Bullies; Prince William’s Wife Became ’Desperately Unhappy’

Kate Middleton and Prince William
Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, arrive for the Men's Final at the Wimbledon Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, in London (Photo: Victoria Jones/Pool via REUTERS)

Kate Middleton is living every girl’s dream of marrying a prince. She met her prince charming in university, started dating, announced their engagement in 2010, got married in 2011, and are now proud parents of three beautiful children, six-year-old Prince George, four-year-old Princess Charlotte, and one-year-old Prince Louis. Kate seems to be living the perfect.

However, just like every one of us, Kate Middleton’s life is not full of rainbows and butterflies. She may be married to the future ruler of England now, but her experiences in the past were surely not meant for a Queen.

Royal biographer Katie Nicholl revealed in her book “Kate: The Future Queen” that when the Duchess of Cambridge started her first secondary school at Downe House, she was quickly targeted by bullies and became "desperately unhappy." The first reason why she was targeted was that Kate Middleton arrived at the school at age 13; most of the students had been there since they were 11, making Kate the new kid.

"It does make a difference going from eleven," former Downe House student Georgina Rylance said, according to Nicholl. "You have two years of bonding, your first time away all together. Even some of the most popular girls in my school had a hard time when they came in at thirteen."

The second reason is that Kate Middleton didn’t live in the dorms. She goes to school every day from her home and was the “day girl.” "In boarding schools, a lot of the boding takes place late at night, or the weekends, going to the local sweetshop," Rylance explained.

The third reason is that Kate Middleton stood out for “the wrong reasons.” "Being especially slender and a head taller than her peers, she stood out for the wrong reasons and was teased for being gangly and lanky,” Nicholl said.

The bottom line is that Kate Middleton just didn’t fit in at Downe House. She then told her parents about the situation and was transferred to another school. There, she finally felt like she was part of the community and made lifelong friendships.

The Duchess of Cambridge has since moved on from her bad experience at the school and is now a part of the Royal Family. Unlike her secondary school days, Kate Middleton now stands out for the right reasons.

However, her experience in the past led her to be worried about her kids, fearing that they might encounter the same situation.

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