Deontay Wilder's Money Is On Andy Ruiz Jr. Knocking Out Anthony Joshua

Andy Ruiz Jr & Anthony Joshua Press Conference
Boxing - Andy Ruiz Jr & Anthony Joshua Press Conference - Hilton London Syon Park, London, Britain - September 6, 2019 Andy Ruiz Jr wearing a sombrero during the press conference. (Photo: Reuters/Peter Cziborra)

Deontay Wilder does not have any confidence in Anthony Joshua's capacity. He is sure that Joshua will not win in his rematch against Andy Ruiz, Jr.

According to the yet-to-be-beaten WBC heavyweight champion, Joshua's lack of confidence is a serious flaw that will make him lose in his match against Ruiz on December 7 in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia. This lack of confidence will be the cause of Joshua's knockout defeat, Wilder predicts.

Still, in case his predictions become true, and Ruiz indeed beats Joshua once more, Wilder said he will still want to fight Joshua. "For sure," Wilder told "I'll want to fight Joshua as long as he is the division. If he keep losing every time he fight, if it becomes like that, then that fight will never happen. But as far as now, there's still an opportunity."

Wilder added that if Joshua indeed loses to Ruiz, he's on the way out of the whole industry. It will be game over for him soon the moment that happens. "Even if he loses against Ruiz, it's still an opportunity," said Wilder, who then would want to fight Ruiz first. "Even if he loses again to Ruiz, I still wanna fight him. But he can't lose no more after that, or he'll really, really be dropping. But it's gonna be interesting to see what happens. He knows this is a crucial fight for him, that he must win this fight. I don't think it's over for him if he don't win it, but it's gonna be a long journey if he don't win. We'll see, but I still wanna fight him."

Wilder seemed never to have much confidence in Joshua anyway. When Joshua lost to Ruiz back in June, Wilder said Joshua did not lose, he quit. He explained to talkSPORT that Joshua lost way too easily. "I think Ruiz beat him too easily. I don't think Joshua won't know how he lost right now. In my opinion, Joshua quit. He spit the mouthpiece out - that is one sign. That is an easy old trick," he explained. Wilder clarified that he does not think Joshua is a quitter, but he certainly quit on that match.

Joshua felt insulted with Wilder's thoughts about this, though. He said that is merely Wilder's opinion and how he keeps getting up after about 50 punches should not be categorized as quitting. If he was quitting, then he should have quit after the second knockdown on that match.

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