Kris Wu's New Girlfriend: Meet Luna, The Mysterious Woman The Singer Dates

Kris Wu broke a lot of hearts when news emerged that he is already going out with a new woman.
Kris Wu broke a lot of hearts when news emerged that he is already going out with a new woman. (Photo: wishcarole/Flickr)

Kris Wu broke a lot of hearts when news emerged that he is already going out with a new woman. Rumors have it the 28-year-old Chinese-Canadian actor has a new girlfriend. Fangirls cannot accept the news that easy; thus, they quickly air their sentiments on social media and investigate about this mysterious woman, who caught the singer's heart and attention.

Wu was caught holding a woman's hand in a dark parking lot. The media quickly assumes the girl is the model's new girlfriend, although everything about her remains a big mystery.

According to Radii China, Chinese reporters managed to get a live video of Wu and the mysterious woman getting inside a car together. Later, they also saw the two at a parking garage just below the former EXO group member's home.

So, who is the woman Wu dating? A netizen revealed the woman is Qin Niu Zhengwei from Nanyan, Henan province. She is a famous Weibo wanghong influencer with around 900,000 followers. She uses the name Luyi Luna on social media, and she is an aspiring actress and a second-year student at the Beijing Film Academy.

As the woman seems to be still young, she is still in college, by the way, and Wu is about to celebrate his 29th birthday in November, there may be almost 10 years gap between the two. Will their relationship work with the age gap?

Wu's representatives have yet to comment about the issue. They have yet to neither confirm nor deny the performer's new romance. As eager fans want to know more about Luna, they further their investigation and manage to dig some information about her.

Hype noted Luna wants to be an actress; thus, it may be the reason why she is pursuing her studies at the Beijing Film Academy. There are even rumors that she is a schoolmate of Chinese actors Leo Wu and Song Zu'er. There are also reports Guan Xiaotong is her senior.

She was reportedly a part of the short-lived girl group Your Baby. She also appeared in a tie-in phone commercial for Story of Yanxi Palace as a palace maid.

Aside from their snaps, there was also a leaked video of Wu and Luna's chat. In the short clip, she could be heard saying that she didn't want to turn on the video option because she didn't feel like she was beautiful. Her statement then made the XXX: Return of Xander Cage star laughed.

The talk allegedly happened before Wu was set to go on stage. He then asked Luna to reply on his messages before they bid their goodbyes. By the looks of it, it is a young love that binds them together.

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