Google Pixel 4's Giant Opportunity To Outshine Apple's iPhone 11 and 11 Pro

Google Pixel 3 third generation smartphone is seen on display after a news conference in Manhattan, New York
Newly uncovered FCC documents reveal that Google Pixel 4 might be released with several variants and will have support for Project Soli. (Photo: Reuters/SHANNON_STAPLETON)

It's never been a secret that Google Pixel has always been targeting iPhone buyers, convincing them to make the switch or feel bad about their Apple purchases. More than any other major Android flagship, the Pixel is usually one that can successfully sway Apple users to reconsider.

Compared to other Android phones, the Pixel always guarantees a stellar user experience. Whereas other Android phones have a go with iPhones using gimmicky offerings and specs, Pixel matches iPhones' focus on user experience and aesthetics. While no Pixel has yet successfully trumped iPhone sales, the Pixel 4 just might be able to do and convert people away from their IPhpnes. They might even not consider the newest iPhones anymore. According to 9to5Google, this could be Pixel 4's year.

Pixel 4 can beat the iPhones at several points, including its camera and voice assistant. The latest iPhone releases may come with Apple's best cameras yet, but they are unlikely to beat what Pixel 4 can offer. In fact, the cameras of the new iPhones are nothing close to being impressive. Other flagship phones have three cameras and ultra-wide lens one year ahead. Pixel 4 on the other hand, is set on really coming up with best smartphone camera there is. Even the iPhone 11 Pro can be described as way behind the earlier Pixel 3, which already has night mode.

Apart from the camera, Pixel 4 can beat the new iPhones through its Assistant. Despite all the reported upgrades that will happen with Siri, Apple stayed quiet about it in its recent event. On the other hand, Google is said to be doubling down on making sure Pixel 4 has the smartest assistant there is. Apple staying quiet about Siri is alarming some of the critics. Days before the event, there were several reports about the upgrades that Siri will get. However, by staying quiet, critics feel like Apple has neglected on improving its smart assistant.

On the other hand, Google has reportedly taken a major step in improving Google's software so that with the Pixel 4, "using the Assistant is going to feel much more like seamlessly interacting with AI and less like issuing isolated commands." This is major.

Pixel 4 is going to be Google's biggest upgrade yet while iPhone 11 and 11 Pro are already said to be just modest upgrades from the 2018 iPhones. Whether or not this means Pixel 4 can already overtake the iPhones remain to be seen. It can be remembered that Pixel 2 was still easily overshadowed by the iPhone X despite all the love that Pixel 2 got. Pixel 3 was a great upgrade from Pixel 2, but still had some flaws that disabled it from convincing people not to purchase iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max.

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