'Bluff City Law' Premiere Date, Spoilers: Legal Drama Series To Tackle Current Social Issues

Bluff City Law
Jimmy Smits, as Elijah Strait on NBC's newest legal drama series "Bluff City Law;" speaking at the 2016 San Diego Comic Con International. (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

NBC is expanding its legal drama material offerings. With Bluff City Law, the network is about to make another bet in the niche. And considering how the Law & Order and L.A. Law franchises have become successful over the years, it is not difficult to assume that the new series will also follow.

Legal drama series materials are becoming more apparent in recent times. For some reason, the niche is popular today, which is why the demand for such materials is increasing and expanding.

USA Network's Suits, CBS' Bull, and ABC's How To Get Away With Murder are some of today's best examples. And now that these shows are reaching their imminent ends on small screens, a new one is about to emerge.

Bluff City Law is a similar material created by Dean Georgaris and Michael Aguilar. It stars Jimmy Smits and Caitlyn McGee as the father-daughter lawyers, Elijah and Sydney Strait. Set in Memphis, the whole show centers on the elite lawyers in town who are known for their exceptional skills and knowledge toward civil rights cases.

Elijah Strait is revealed to head a law firm in town. But since he had problems with his personal life in the previous years, his relationship with his daughter is not at its best state. And when his wife died, Sydney returned to his father and assumed a position in the law firm.

This return of hers will cause huge tensions among all the key players of the firm, especially her father. But as the story progresses, the duo will learn that there are far more essential things to focus on like the issues in Memphis that negatively affect the state and condition of the society.

In an interview with TV Insider, Jimmy Smits revealed that after being in the industry for 35 years, he felt really "nervous" but in a good way. He also "gushed" about Bluff City Law, considering how he sees the show as a great material that will "change the world."

It is worth noting that the subtitle of the series largely points to this phrase. And it only makes sense since the premise of the series would dive deeply in the current social issues that many Americans face in recent times.

Caitlyn Mcgee also establishes the same perspectives in her scoop with Electronic Urban Report. She revealed that some of her favorite cases that they've "tackled" in the course of the series include basic human rights and LGBTQ causes.

She also revealed that she and Jimmy Smits are always given the platform and "privilege" to speak up their minds about the show's premise. And this point made her adore the show even more.

Bluff City Law premieres on September 23, on NBC.

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