'GTA 6' Mysterious Screenshots Reveal Controllable Aircraft, Influence Of Rain, & A Mini-Map

‘GTA 6’ Release Predictions Bad News For PS4 & Xbox One Gamers
‘GTA 6’ Release Predictions Bad News For PS4 & Xbox One Gamers (Photo: Skush ™(CC BY-SA 2.0))

"GTA 6" is no doubt one of the most awaited games despite that it was not yet officially confirmed by Rockstar Games. In a few days "GTA 5" will reach its sixth anniversary since it was released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Just in time for the celebration, a new set of leaked screenshots allegedly showing some scenes in "GTA 6's" gameplay or cinematic trailer recently surfaced online.

The latest "GTA 6" screenshots were posted on Reddit which were later removed and the account deleted. But, "GTA 6" fans were quick to screengrab the alleged leaked screenshots before they were deleted, giving us the chance to get a glimpse of what the latest buzz in "Grand Theft Auto" world is about. The first reportedly alleged screenshot highlights a character model showing the back of the bloke's head.

He is sporting a pair of sunglasses and appears to be treading to what seems to be a cityscape glowing in the background. There is really not much to go on from the mage aside from the quality of the render that could confuse spectator into thinking that it could be a real person. The second "GTA 6" screenshot shows a van o an off-road vehicle with the classic blue and red top-mounted police car lights.

It is more difficult to make out because of the heavy rain but it gives the impression that it could have been grabbed from an in-game cinematic or a possible teaser trailer. The last "GTA 6" screenshot shows an airport runway. The image has a mini-map on the left-hand corner and a seemingly controllable jet aircraft.

Noticeably the angle of the shot also appears to be taken by the player while maneuvering the plane. So far, this is the heftiest leak considering that these screenshots are accurate. The Reddit post was quickly removed and there is no telling how credible these alleged "GTA 6" screenshots might be.


Over the past few months, a plethora of "GTA 6" leaks have been shut down but this is not to say that the leaks have not been accurate in the past. Still, fans are a little adamant about the veracity of these latest leaked screenshots. However, this will not stop fans from scrubbing the deepest corners of the web for information related to "GTA 6" fake or not.

As with all leaks, we advise that you the latest screenshots with a barrel of salt and with skepticism until the official confirmation from Rockstar Games have been released. Meanwhile, several reports are claiming that the arrival of "GTA 6" might be further delayed because Rockstar is now busy preparing for the release of "Red Dead Redemption 2" on PC.

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