Jannabi Drummer Yoon Kyul Leaves Team to Join Military Service for Two Years

Jannabi Drummer Yoon Kyul Leaves Team to Join Military Service for Two Years
Jannabi Drummer Yoon Kyul Leaves Team to Join Military Service for Two Years (Photo: Yoon Kyul SNS Sreenshot)

Yoon Kyul, the drummer of the popular music band, Jannabi, is joining a mandatory military service in October. He will be the first member in the group to serve in the army. 

According to the interview OSEN had with Yoon Kyul, he will enter the Nonsan Training Center on October 10th following a call from the country. He completed his solo concert last month on 31st and September 1st. The musician is expected to spend time with fans by his performances such as '2019 Let's Rock Festival' and 'Blue Spring Arena 2019' until his enlistment. After October, new member will replace his role. 

Yoon Kyul also informed his fans about his enlistment by hand in spite of its suddenness. He wrote on his SNS on the 11th, "It is Jannabi Drummer Yoon Kyul. It is very sudden. As of October 10, I was called by the state. I remember the moments with my fans in the past five years. Thank you so much for being with me and giving me a lot of love. "

He said, "It's too sad that I can't be with you for about two years. However, Jannabi will continue to be with you while I am serving in the army for my country. We will do our best in our positions until the day we come together! "

Jannabi is a four-member band composed of drummer Yoon Gyeol from Hamyang, vocal Choi Jung-hoon, guitarist Kim Do-hyung and bass Jang Kyung-joon. Except Yoon Kyul, other three members are from Bundang. All of the members were born in 1992, the Year of the Monkey. As they were in the same age, they made the band name as Jannabi. 

The band made their debut like a comet that suddenly appeared in the sky in April, 2014. Their popularity grew fast thanks to Indi fans who made their performances go viral. In 2017, the group was chosen by Yoon Jong-shin in the Hidden Track Number V project and became popular. The title track of the 2nd album "Legend"' released last April, "For Hesitant Lovers," won the top charts.

Other fellow singers or musicians including IU, Soyou, Akdong Musician Suhyun, Bolppalgan 4, Melo Mance Kim and Min Seok directly promoted or covered songs of Jannabi. Senior singers such as Yoon Jong Shin, You Hee-Yeol, Lee Moon - se, Kim Chang-wan, and Uhm Jung Hwa said that they were fans of the group. 

On the 31st and 1st of last month, the solo concert "Jannabi: Fantastic old-fashioned returns!'' was held at the Olympic Hall in Songpa-gu, Seoul. Just in two days of the performance, 6,000 people filled the audience, making history. 

Below is the full statement of Yoon Kyul posted via his SNS:

Hello, Everyone. This is Jannabi Drummer Yoon Kyul. Please don't be surprised. (Honestly, I was surprised.) It is a bit sudden. I was called as of October 10th by my country to serve. I recall every moment I spent with you for the past five years. 

I appreciate all of you having spent time with me and giving a lot of love. I could break through hardships thanks to your interests and love as well as warm comfort and came to this moment being called by the country. Whenever I felt like giving up to move forward, I could endure that moment remembering my fans who have consistently encouraged me. 

For about two years, it is sad that I won't be with you. However, Jannabi will continue to be with you even when I am racing to serve my country. Until we get united again, we will do our best in our respective positions!

I believe you will be also with us!? Please don't leave me until I return!!! Even in my absence, please give your encouragement to Jannabi members! I love you 10,000,000 times. Jannabi Forever!!

Yours Yoon Kyul who can't exist without my fans

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