Personalized Chinese Playstation Credit Cards Now Available!

The Sony Playstation logo is seen at the Paris Games Week (PGW), a trade fair for video games in Paris
PlayStation fans in China can now get their hands on the PlayStation credit cards available in standard and personalized designs. (Photo: REUTERS/Benoit Tessier)

A new report claims that Chinese PlayStation credit cards are now available in China. The credit cards are not related to PlayStation aside from branding. Interestingly, the new Chinese PlayStation credit cards come with personalized versions which are based on different video games.

China is one of the top gaming markets in the world, which could be one of the explanations why the Chinese PlayStation credit cards are now available in the Southeast Asian country. The existence of the cards was shared on Twitter by a user named ZhugeEx. The post shows not only the box but also some samples of the credit cards in different designs.

The Chinese PlayStation credit cards are shown in four different designs. This includes the classic PlayStation look with the use of iconic shapes like triangle, circle, and square, which the video gaming platform is known for. The three other cards come with a unique "God of War" inspired designs.

One Chinese PlayStation credit card shows the box art for the title with Atreus and Kratos standing on the boat in the lake. The other "God of War" inspired design features the Leviathan Axe with texts that read Ask the Axe. Meanwhile, the third design shows Atreus and Kratos in a combat posture with a runic black and silver background.

While the latest designs of the Chinese PlayStation credit cards are all inspired by the video game "God of War" it does not necessarily mean that it is the only design available. According to Segment Next, it is likely that this could be one of the many design options available considering a wide list of PlayStation-exclusive video games. So far, this is the only images available, but PlayStation would miss a lot if it does not release designs inspired by "The Last of Us" or by "Horizon Zero Dawn" among other games.


The existence of these new Chinese PlayStation credit cards was revealed on Twitter, and so far, we have not gotten any details is these cards will be exclusive in China or will be released in other regions. It is possible that it is on a trial run and might only be limited to Asian countries but will soon be circulated all over the world. Also, we cannot confirm if these Chinese PlayStation credit cards are really PlayStation-based or it is just branding.

It will be more interesting if these Chinese PlayStation credit cards will come with rewards for purchasing PlayStation games.

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