iPhone 11 Night Mode Camera First Sample Photo Annihilates iPhone X In Low-Light

CEO Tim Cook presents the new iPhone 11 Pro at an Apple event at their headquarters in Cupertino
New sample photos taken by both iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone X show a striking difference, in terms of image quality, between the Night Mode feature of both models. (Photo: REUTERS/Stephen Lam)

The Cupertino-based tech titan recently unveiled its new generation smartphones dubbed as iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. One of the main features of this new set of iPhones is its new and improved camera system. Since the latest iPhone series will start shipping on September 20, the latest proof of its superior camera specs is a shot taken using iPhone 11 against a shot taken using iPhone X.

On Twitter, entrepreneur, and model Coco Rocha was able to get her hands on the latest iPhone 11 Pro Max. On her personal account, she shared two images taken using the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the iPhone X. She used the Night mode camera of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which shows exactly how the Cupertino-based tech giant described the feature at its most recent keynote event.

She also took another picture, this time using the iPhone X, to see the difference between two iPhones in terms of Night mode camera feature. The photos were shot at night time and reveal the stunning difference between both smartphones. Taken on the same place with the same amount of lighting, it appears that the photo captured by the iPhone X is a bit dimmer making it hard to see the face of Coco Rocha or its surroundings.

The photo captured by the iPhone 11 Pro Max, however, is clear, crisp, well-lighted, and shows the whole scene as well as the face of the model. Additionally, the photo taken by the latest iPhone is more natural-looking compared to the shot made by its predecessor. The Night Mode feature of iPhone 11 Pro Max managed to capture the entire picture despite that the low-light setup.


This is basically due to the additional camera sensors, integrated machine learning, and the latest A13 Bionic chip that are embedded on iPhone 11 Pro Max to improve the quality of images taken in a low light environment. The feature is automatically turned on but users can opt to switch it off or not to utilize it if they prefer to adjust the noise of the mage manually.

With the myriad of smartphones offering an almost similar feature, it is the right time that Apple came up with one too. Interestingly, while the Apple iPhone 11 does not have three camera sensors, it still comes with the same feature as its siblings. Sadly, this is the only sample shot that we have so far since the latest iPhones are not yet commercially available.

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