'Empire' Season 6 Will Be The Final Installment As Terrence Howard Claims He's Done

Empire Season 6
Terrence Howard, plays Lucious on FOX's "Empire," at Toronto International Film Festival 2011. (Photo: Gordon Correll/Flickr)

WARNING: This article contains spoilers and predictions for Empire Season 6. Read at your own risk.

Empire is about to return this fall for its sixth and final season. But things will be a lot different than its previous installments.

The new season will start six months after the events of the fifth season finale. So, Cookie and Lucious will be far away from their Empire. And this means that new key people from the family will be in charge of the recording company.

According to Cinema Blend, Andre is largely hinted to be in charge of everything. Hence, this is going to be a huge shift from its usual dynamic considering that Andre is not the "leader" or manager material that everyone sees ever since the show began.

For five seasons, the show has been long hinting that Jamal might be the ultimate successor of Lucious given that he was much more "hands-on" and stable in terms of the management side. And while Andre was focused on the financial aspect, his overall state was not stable enough.

However, after Empire Season 5 and Jussie Smollett's immediate exit after his controversies and scandals, everything will be in a huge paradigm shift. Lucious went away to the lam. Cookie lied to him so he would leave her behind. And this leaves their Empire up for grabs, which is only fitting why Andre would be "in the throne" after his "brush with death.

While this is the ideal setting for the start of Empire Season 6, many are convinced that this will not persist much longer. And there is a huge chance that Cookie and Lucious might return to take charge upon their return from their separate lives.

The iconic poster that TV Line has emphasized is a good hint for this notion. With the subtitle that is pointing to their ruling up "to the end," it only goes to show that the duo will return for their Empire. So, the fans might receive a happy ending after all.

It is worth noting that Empire Season 6 will be the last installment of the show. Although no specific reasons were given previously, Lucious' actor, Terrence Howard shared his notions as per People. And based on his statement, he's done with acting, and he's done "pretending."

Therefore, the exit of the show might be the result of his decision. No further enlightenment has been given to the public. But even so, fans are just now looking past the sad news and focus on the fact that Empire Season 6 is arriving this September 24 on FOX.

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