Will 'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 6 Be Unrenewed After Fans Campaigned For Shows' Discontinuation?

Fear The Walking Dead
"Fear The Walking Dead" Season 5 on AMC. (Photo: Heather Paul/Flickr)

Way ahead of the fifth season conclusion, AMC already announced that Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 is happening. While the very loyal fanbase is happy upon learning about its sealed arrival on the network, many viewers think that it's not quite suitable anymore.

According to Forbes, many have already lost their interest toward the show after the third season run. But even so, the show still proved that it could go beyond despite the negative reviews and feedback.

So when the fourth and fifth season premiered, the majority of the fans have remained hopeful and positive that Fear The Walking Dead might finally change things for the betterment of the show itself. However, when the current season aired in June of this year, things seemingly appear to have gotten worse.

Per critics and reviewers, the fifth season of the spin-off series is the most "absurd" material in The Walking Dead franchise. And with each passing episode, the decline in viewership records is becoming more evident and apparent.

This is why many are not expecting that it will continue to air on AMC after the current installment. But since AMC has already given its green light for Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 as reported by Variety in July, the new season is already confirmed no matter how bad, or worse the ratings would be for the previous season. Accordingly, this left the fans with nothing but to campaign for its immediate "un-renewal."

Various fansites and forum sites where most fans would normally gather are seen to have different discussions about the show's current performance. While the variations of their criticisms are too wide considering how large the number is of The Walking Dead fans, one thing can only be deduced: they all want for AMC to "un-renew" Fear The Walking Dead Season 6.

Some of the fans explained that the show is no longer working. And if the network or the showrunners would continue the show, it would only "destroy" the image and credentials of The Walking Dead, as a whole. On the other hand, there are fans who, instead of choosing to discontinue the show, suggested that they must change the showrunners for the new season.

While these campaigns have already reached the attention of the media and other fanbases, the network and the show's bosses have remained silent over the matter. And it seems that they are giving the cold shoulder to these campaigns and movements made toward the show.

All in all, Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 is still happening. And with the current season's near-end finale, it is now only a matter of time for the new season to arrive.

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