Pixel 4XL's Face Unlock Hands-On Video Shows How Transparent Google Is

Google Pixel 3 third generation smartphone is seen on display after a news conference in Manhattan, New York
Newly uncovered FCC documents reveal that Google Pixel 4 might be released with several variants and will have support for Project Soli. (Photo: Reuters/SHANNON_STAPLETON)

The Pixel 4XL's face unlock functionality has been witnessed in action. Google has confirmed back in July that Pixel 4 will have this feature already, but it is only now that a video of it in actual action has been released.

Vietnamese tech blogger GenK treated Google Pixel fans to a highly-awaited chance to glimpse at its face unlock feature. The video also showed how the face unlock feature can be set up. An adorable animation accompanies the setup process, no doubting making fans feeling excited about getting their hands on the phone. Reportedly, the phone as features that can rival iPhone XR and other premium phones.

According to Engadget, there's nothing different about Pixel 4's face unlock from Face ID. There's so much that one can do with technology for unlocking a phone anyway. However, the Verge claimed that there is still something very notable about it. In particular, what is notable is that Google is transparent about the fact or possibility that someone can just grab the phone and point this at the owner's face to unlock it. The company also said upfront that the tech can be spoofed.

Apple only made these claims or disclaimers on its website and not on the phone itself. It's a small thing but still worth praising Google over, signaling how transparent it wants to be and how much it prioritizes the safety and privacy of its users.

Moreover, Pixel's face unlock added a certain option right at the setup that is only found on iPhone's accessibility settings. Pixel added an option for people with limited vision or head motion to use right at the get-go. Although the video showed all these setup quirks of the Pixel 4 XL's face unlock, it no longer showed how well the unlock works. GenK was not able to complete the setup process in the leaked video.

Apart from this face unlock technology, leaked hands-on videos circulating online that got people hyped featured its color options. Reportedly, there will b a coral device, as shown by SlashLeaks, apart from the black and white versions.

Most of these leaked videos came from Vietnam. A handful of people in the said country reportedly got their hands on the Pixel 4XL because Hanoi was able to obtain a shipment of nearly-completed units from a factory close by.

Sadly, those in North America will still have to wait a few weeks more. According to a recent render shared by leaker Evan Blass, Google may announce Pixel 4XL by October 15.

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