Man watering the plants during daytime.
Man watering the plants during daytime. (Photo: Pixabay/ Pexels)

Digging in the soil, cultivating the plants, pulling the weeds, and helping the trees bear flowers and fruits can offer you a lot more benefits than just giving you a clear mind. Just recently, according to The Guardian, experts say gardening can help depressed and anxious people get more relaxed and be able to control their emotions more.

Unfortunately, "gardening is not for everyone," explains Maria Devereaux, the project officer at the Garden Organic and the membership organization named Sustain. But despite this fact, better not fret. There are still several gardening hacks that everyone, even those who aren't blessed with a  green thumb, can try for themselves.


Most insects are known to have a very strong sense of smell. Since coffee grounds' smell can be very potent especially when burned, sprinkling some of it on top of your plants' soil can be a natural and excellent way to repel these pests, which could cause harm to your beloved plants.

In using these coffee grounds as your gardening partner, make sure to only use it with acid-loving plants such as lilies, hydrangeas, cucumber, squash, onions, broccoli, beans, blueberries, camellias, and daffodils. And since too much of anything isn't advisable, just always be mindful of the number of coffee grounds you sprinkle in your plants. Make sure it is only in a limited amount.


Calcium is not just important for people but also to plants. It even plays a very important role in its growth especially when it comes to its cell wall deposition. Without enough calcium in its system, plants tend to have curled leaves, necrotic leaf margins, and stunted plant growth.

To fight off calcium-deficiency among plants, sprinkle its soil with crushed eggshells. Approximately, one gram of it already has about 381-401 mg of calcium, perfect to be used as your plant's fertilizer. By using it regularly, your plants will surely grow stronger and healthier.

Furthermore, calcium can also benefit the soil in several ways. These effects include improved penetration of water, maintained chemical balance, and decreased soil salinity, as explained by Tetra Chemicals.


What's unique about honey is that it has enzymes that could encourage root growth of plants. This makes honey the excellent ingredient for new cuttings to help them propagate easily. Honey also has antifungal properties, perfect for helping plants fight off fungal problems.